Putting together your landing pages

Building-your-landing-pagesA general landing page basically represents a page that visitors see after arriving on your site. Landing pages could also be the new form of direct marketing. If you are not familiar with these types of pages, it might be necessary to understand what makes them so important. Think about this, a major part of online marketing simply refers to where you or anyone else sends traffic.

Why landing pages?

  • It’s a page where visitors click to go to other pages
  • It can serve as a reference point where a visitor can purchase products or services
  • It’s a page that visitors can brag about to their friends or associates
  • It’s a page where visitors can comment or leave valuable feedback
  • It can be an extremely important page in helping you to gain subscribers

What makes an effective landing page?

  • Includes engaging headlines
  • Simple and specific content
  • Outline benefits before features
  • Clear and compelling
  • Express specific calls to action
  • Clearly state any type of guarantees

How to create effective landing pages

Any type of landing page should be creative, but most of all effective. Most internet marketers will say that landing pages should be flawless, persuasive and above all, grab full attention of visitors in order to convince them in taking action.

Keep navigation to a minimum

Once you drive your targeted audience to the page, do not confuse or distract them with useless navigation. Keep the number of the possible exits from the landing page in order to make your visitors focused on filling out the form.

Make sure there is some kind of value

In the case that you have some kind of unique and valuable offer, your visitors are going to give out to you their contact information in the exchange of the offer. Make sure that your offer is compelling to the audience and that your landing page demonstrates that values.

Keep it short and sweet

If your landing page ends up being too long, you are going to cause confusion to the whole lead capture process. If your lead is short, easy and to the point, you’ll notice an improved path with conversions.

Clean design and completely organized

How it looks, the overall feel and combined structure of your design will make a huge impression on the effectiveness of the page, and it will help determine the viability of conversions. Take notice of color and the incorporation of useful images.

Include headers to help broadcast your offer and value

A good page should have a strong offer and must be able to give an explanation as to why the offer is valuable in very clear and concise terms. The header and the sub-headlines must provide key opportunities to promote the value of the offer.

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