A few free strategies to help find profitable niches

Some-easy-and-free-strategies-to-help-find-profitable-nichesA big mistake that many people often make when entering affiliate marketing or even internet marketing is not finding a profitable niche. There are so many products and services available that consumers and ordinary individuals are willing to buy. Yet, making the mistake of trying to offer multiple products, and guessing which product consumers will react to can sometimes spell disaster. One of the easiest strategies for marketing online is simply to offer products to an audience of hungry buyers. In other words, find a suitable and profitable niche. So, without having to spend a lot of time and money to find a profitable niche, what is the simplest way to go about finding these hungry buyers?

Here are some simple ideas using free online resources that can help you find many of those profitable niches.

Focus on relevant Google ads

Use Google search and type the name or key phrase of the niche that you would like to promote. Paid ads on the search engines will generally be identified and they are usually the first set of options at the top of the search results. Not only will they be at the top of the results, but also listed on the right side of the page and at the bottom.

Notice how many of these paid ads show up on the results page. The more paid ads that are displayed, the stronger that niche may be for you. Simply put, online marketers are paying top dollar to have their ads seen, and if you see a lot of them on a search results page, there’s a good possibility that the niche is a profitable one.

Clickbank is a primary resource for locating a profitable niche

As an online marketer, you should already be familiar with the popular online processor “Clickbank.” Use the search bar in the marketplace and enter the niche that you would like to promote.

Now, below each product name you will notice the product description. Below that, you will also notice where it says “Stats” and this is the area that you need to pay attention to. An area that I like to look at when deciding the right products to promote says “Grav” – which stands for gravity. The gravity is a measure that Clickbank uses to demonstrate how products are selling.

The measures are calculated on the number of sales and when the sales were made. The higher the Clickbank gravity score, the best chances of promoting a product that people are interested in buying. Clickbank recommends that affiliates should promote products with at least a minimum gravity of 30 plus.

Personally, I would prefer products with a higher gravity, but as you will notice, some niche products will have a limited number of products available. You can preset the filter for each of your search terms, thereby producing results that fall into your individual parameters.

Amazon is an even better resource

Simply visit the Amazon website and use the search bar to find available products for some profitable niches. One thing that you should pay attention to when searching the Amazon site. If the search term returns a number of products which happens to be books, then you might consider this as a good possibility for being a profitable niche.

Locate a good niche with dummies

That’s right! Dummies.com can help you find the profitable niche you are looking for. Think about it, what is one of the most popular things people are searching for on the internet? Information! People just like you and me are searching every day for answers, solutions, and products that can help with a problem. Dummies.com is what you might refer to as the “how to” resource.

There you go, some easy, simple, and free ideas for helping you find some profitable niches to promote.

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