Internet Marketing Business – Internet Marketing FAQ


Gosh, I really don’t have a simple answer to this as countless products and services can be promoted or even created. Also, countless marketers have seen extraordinary results from a variety of products. A way to look at it as an internet marketer would be to segment the answer into a variety of categories such as talents, skills or even a passion you might have. A lot of internet marketers have turned their talents or hobbies into very productive online businesses either promoting other people’s products through affiliate marketing or by selling their own products they created. Digital products are by far the easiest to create and promote online, and most of them do not require any technical skills for you to create. If you are familiar with a subject that has a steady market you could write and create your own eBooks or course training materials detailing information about a certain subject and offer it to customers. If you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of creating your own products, than affiliate marketing is definitely something you can do by finding products that match your interest and promoting online for a fee. There is also the option of outsourcing your ideas to people who can create the product you want.

The possibilities are literally endless in finding the best product to sell online, all it takes from you is action, creativity, and a little effort!

Any type of internet marketing strategy that you use will have different or mixed results, especially if the strategy is used incorrectly. If the traffic flow to your promotion is slow, but consistent, you might get a few clicks here and there and continue on this pattern for days, weeks or months before reaching any significant sales. There could be any number of factors involved, but a lot of it boils down to the type of product you are promoting and the quality of traffic that you actually get. Try to remember, just as there are window shoppers with offline businesses, so there are with online businesses as well. Now, some marketers will express figures that explain for so many click-thru’s you will eventually receive a sale. Usually that number is rounded to 100/3, that’s 100 actual clicks to your sales page or merchant’s account and receiving 3 sales from those clicks.

Everything is based on your marketing and promotional strategies and driving the right traffic to your offer. The bottom-line is, what are you doing to get your product in front of the right people.

A lot will depend on the promotional avenues you currently use. If all you are doing is posting free ads and making posts on social media, than your response might end up being dismal. Basically, many of the top internet marketers will explain that a promotional offer must be seen at least 7 times before a person will take action and click on it. This could easily be something that is true or false, once again it falls to the type of product and the market. Just because a person sees an ad 7 times does not mean they will buy the product being promoted or even click on an ad.

When it comes to internet marketing business, there could be many factors that are involved when determining how many sales you will get from promotional offers. This is where research plays an important role for your business. Take a look at your competition and discover some of the places where they are promoting or even how they are promoting their offers. Chances are they will not be relying on just one or two sources of traffic generation or promotional strategies.

I believe most internet marketing strategies will work for you if done correctly. There really isn’t just one strategy that could be defined as better. As you’ve already discovered or you soon will, some strategies work hand in hand with each other. Sure, there are some marketers who may claim a single strategy does all the work for them and is producing huge returns. Personally speaking, I find this difficult to believe. The reality is, internet marketing will use many different strategies and marketing avenues in order for your business to be successful. Some methods and strategies will obviously work faster and better than others, but the secret is to give them time to work. Don’t expect results overnight or even a few days, give them time to work for you, that’s the most important part. Eventually you will find one that works better for you and it’s completely acceptable to put a little more time and effort with that strategy, but don’t forget to include the other strategies as well.

A very valid question and one of the most asked. Realistically, your personal level of commitment is the easiest answer to this question. It’s what you are willing to put into your business, and I’m not only talking about money. It’s time, effort and the willingness to learn new or existing ways of doing business online. If you’re an individual who takes action and knows how to get tasks done, than obviously the amount of time for earning online is reduced. However, if you have difficulty starting and finishing projects, have a hard time focusing, and lack determination, than it may take a while to see any results. Keep this in mind when your goal is to make money online, what you put into your business is exactly what you are going to get out of it!

Besides making money online, this is probably one of the top frequently asked questions. And not just among internet marketers, but for every individual or business that has a presence online. One thing that was explained to me when starting out, there’s plenty of traffic available on the internet each and every day.

This is confirmed by total number of searches performed on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube. On top of that, the number of visits to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Hundreds of millions of searches each day are done by people looking for information and possible solutions to their problems.

That’s where a lot of your focus and attention should be. Out there in front of people on the internet. Another important factor is optimizing. This means that your website, blog, squeeze pages, content, and just about anything else you are using to drive traffic is optimized for the search engines. Organic traffic is still a valuable strategy and you want to do everything you can to capture as much as possible. This includes updating your website frequently by providing fresh content. Relative content is still a top means of driving targeted traffic and it’s basically what people are searching for.

Also, content is not always in the form of written material such as articles or any other text. It can be audios, videos, images, podcasts, eBooks, PDF reports, e-courses, instruction manuals, tutorials, presentations, seminars, etc. You can also utilize blogs, blog commenting, forum marketing, email marketing, and social media.