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As we look at the world today, one thing is taking shape and changing the lives of those individuals who believe in opportunities. It’s simply a case of economic conditions that currently exist worldwide and a big part of this change is credited to the internet.

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My Story

danko-marketing-about-us-pagePeople have discovered more of the conveniences of what the internet offers. In fact, the possibilities seem endless. Everything from staying in touch with family and friends, social engagement, personal transactions, banking, shopping, gaming, and even the opportunity to learn new skills. And that’s just the beginning, there’s also increasing opportunities that are helping individuals to reach new directions in their lives. It’s called, Internet Marketing and it’s been around since the web began. Guess what, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, WalMart, Target, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, YouTube, Instagram, PayPal, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and countless other well-known organizations are all actively involved in Internet Marketing.

That brings us to effective internet marketing. Simply put, internet marketing requires some sort of system, not necessarily a business plan, but something like a road map that outlines the steps you will take. Basically, what you want is something that will help keep you focused and guide you throughout your journey. The bottom line, a system will be extremely important for you, especially when starting up. Effective internet marketing can literally have several or more components that make up the business. Having a system will help to organize what needs to be done, how often it needs done, what tools and resources you will need, and when to repeat everything.

This brings up a good subject. Most people who have an idea of doing business online think of the opportunity as a hobby, and not as a business. While selling a few items on auction sites such as eBay or maybe some used books on Amazon can be fun, it’s still not considered a business. Once again, it’s just a hobby. That’s the difference with effective internet marketing – the simple idea that it’s an actual business.

On a personal note and in regards to doing business online, I’m usually asked the same question, “How did I get started with internet marketing?” And my answer is always the same, “I stumbled upon it.” Of course, that’s only partly true. My dad is a web developer and introduced me to affiliate marketing first. He’s worked with a number of clients over the years and assisted them with different promotional avenues, some of which involved affiliate marketing promotions. I was immediately drawn in by the concept of making money online and he helped with further research into the area, which officially propelled me into working online and starting in 2016.

Danny-Krispy-Kreme-MeridianBefore I even thought of doing business online I was employed as an Assistant General Manager in a local Krispy Kreme store. This was back in 2015, at which time, I was also active as a corporate trainer involved with training production assistants in standard operations in stores across the country. I first started with Krispy Kreme as a production operator back in 2011 and devoted much of my time learning all that I could about making donuts. The machines, proofer, glaze cooker, fryers, mixers, ingredients, processing, and on top of that, everything required to maintain and fix all machinery. Only the top people in any franchise are granted permission to attend the corporate training made available at the headquarters of Krispy Kreme in North Carolina. It’s kind of funny but it’s actually called KKU or Krispy Kreme University. Even though there’s a little humor surrounding it, I still consider myself fortunate to have been invited and the opportunity to complete that valuable training.

Krispy-Kreme-HQThat opportunity and experience alone opened the door for me as a corporate trainer and the opportunity to travel the country and train production assistants in a variety of stores. From North Carolina to Utah, From Colorado to California, and from Wisconsin to Arizona. Whether it was a new store grand opening, new store acquisition, or just a store that was facing numerous challenges, I saw an opportunity and took it.

That’s pretty much how it is with my online business. I saw an opportunity and took it. I did the same thing as my offline career and learned as much as I needed to make things work online.

As I mentioned, my goal was to get my feet wet and figure out this crazy world of online marketing. I started by watching related videos on YouTube, which included tutorials on affiliate marketing, internet marketing, list building, content marketing, writing articles, how to build affiliate websites, which marketers to follow, which affiliate programs to join, and so on and so forth.

When I first got started, I had originally planned on digging as deep as I could into the realm of online marketing, unfortunately, there is so much information out there and much of it can be misleading or interpreted incorrectly. It’s easy to get lost in the maze of information online. At first, I was lost or should I say “distracted”. And let me mention this quick piece of advice for all those who are interested in starting an online business.

“It will be easy for you to get distracted when searching for information on how to get started online”.

There’s a lot of good information that can guide you on your journey, but there’s just as much worthless junk as well. After dumping hundreds of dollars (more than likely more) my first year on useless material that got me nowhere and months of wasting time and energy on the next big thing, I decided to settle down and take a different approach.

I got my act together, so to speak, and figured out that this whole thing needed to be a business. It required me to take the knowledge I gained and put it in motion. Basically, I needed to take action and stop operating as if it were a hobby.

Some people including friends and family believed I was crazy, nuts, and even stupid. Some also believed I was insane to move away from a good position in the offline world. But we all know that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results.

There are a few that thought I was just being selfish and lazy, and in some ways I can be a little lazy at times. I enjoy staying up late, going to bed when I feel like it, waking up when I want to, working when I need to, going out when I want, traveling where I want, and finally, freedom to live the way I want to.

Yes, you could say that I’m a little selfish and lazy, but it’s a lifestyle that makes me happy. And, as far as I’m concerned, being HAPPY is worth more than anything.

Final Thoughts

Part of overcoming the challenge of struggling with an online business such as affiliate marketing, ecommerce, or internet marketing in general, is simply by facing your fears. When you are struggling with an online business, no matter what it is, there is a good chance that part of you is afraid of failing, afraid of taking that step forward. You may have suffered some bad experiences in the past, or perhaps you may not know what to do when the going gets tough online. Failing online can seem very intimidating and therefore you may be afraid of making a mistake and losing face, especially if you have worked hard setting up an online business for yourself. If this sounds like the situation that you find yourself in, then there is definitely hope for you.

There are certain things that you can do to start overcoming the fear of failure. The first thing that you need to do is to look at the fear of failure objectively. In order to do this you must try to pinpoint the exact moment that you make a mistake. Once you realize when you made a mistake, then you can avoid it from happening in the future. Many people who fail online often make the same mistakes in their everyday lives, so it is important that you try not to repeat any of these blunders.

But rest assured, mistakes or errors will happen, both in life and in business. Overcoming them and moving forward is the key!

Here is a little piece of advice“Fail Big and Fail Fast”

You have probably heard this before, but I firmly believe in the principle.

Get in there, do the work that you need to do in the beginning so you can enjoy the benefits later. Create a website, create some content, build your landing pages, and make things happen.

Who cares what everything looks like in the beginning. Perfection will not happen overnight.

Another way that you can begin to overcome your fear of failure is to look for success stories. There are many people who are able to stand up and face their fear of failure because they were able to get through the initial fears and overcome them. This may be a key part in helping you to become successful online.

Once again, thanks for visiting and enjoy the information and resources on this site.

Here’s to your internet marketing success,