Niche marketing has changed a lot over the last ten years, even with women and mothers choosing to pursue a variety of careers, but that trend isn’t looking the same as many might think.

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Working from home has been calling on women and mothers who are willing to sacrifice certain things in order to be primary caregivers in their homes. Many have made the choice to stay at home and are utilizing various skills to meet personal and financial goals.

Niche marketing opportunities


Niche marketing provides a whole world of opportunities for people, especially for mothers who want to stay at home while raising their family.

If there are any set of skills or hobby that comes to mind for many women who choose to work at home, it’s definitely cooking. I say this with complete satisfaction and sincerity. I mean, just think of all the mothers, whether friends or family, that you’ve been around during your life.

How many of them were or still are responsible for cooking in their household?

If you’re like me, most of them are still cooking away (I better mention my mother here as well or I’ll get slapped upside the head) [just kidding], and I have to say, many of them are pretty damn good!

Cooking niche


While cooking at home can often be considered work, it’s the preparation, cooking, and baking that makes it one of the most engaging hobbies. Imagine all the women who seek creativity and are willing to explore the art, cooking and cuisine of various cultures, or even those who just want to learn the secrets of gourmet cooking. No matter how challenging, repetitive, or even tedious it can be, cooking is definitely a skill. And, it’s also a popular niche for many people online.

Sewing niche


Another popular niche for women (and even some men) is sewing. It’s a hobby and skill that continues to grow, and it doesn’t matter it it’s for personal satisfaction, gift-giving or business, sewing is taking its place as a viable business opportunity online. If you don’t believe me, here’s two ways to check this out.

  • First, I don’t care if you like shopping at Wal-Mart or not, but as an example, just walk through the store and casually look at the fabric isle. In fact, some of the stores have two or three isles setup for fabric and sewing. On top of that, they always have an attendant in the fabric isle.
  • Next, stroll over to the magazine rack. Just take a look at the number of sewing magazines available. No matter what people might think or say, sewing ranks high among women as a favorite pastime. Besides that, sewing provides many skills such as hand sewing, machine sewing, quilting, altering, mending, the creation of new materials or clothing, and the endless possibilities of creating new things.

Gardening niche


Another extremely popular niche is gardening. Whether it’s a hobby or other interest, many women and men are choosing gardening as a way to feel closer to nature. Interestingly enough, gardening actually goes beyond nature for many homeowners. It’s a sense of actually accomplishing something. The fact that many people realize that they’ve created something that was worth their time and effort.

While growing up, I watched my mother and father attend our garden, and I whole heartedly believe that there are many skills attached to successful gardening. Growing up, we had our share of good and not so good years with our garden, and I remember how frustrated my dad would get when the garden didn’t produce as expected. My mother would always say, “Well, there’s always next year.” That provided no comfort at all for my dad. My point here is, many stay at home moms have learned and perfected their skills at gardening. These are the skills that other people are interested in hearing about (my dad included).

There’s no denying that many women of today are not only seeking opportunities, but are also willing to take risks in achieving success. However, it’s not only about making an impact with career choices. It’s the ability of choosing an alternate path and making a success with it. And thanks to niche marketing, women and stay at home moms are harnessing many of their skills and discovering endless opportunities to profit online.

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