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Affiliate marketing landing pages 2021 and beyond have one important goal: convert your leads into affiliate sales. This is the goal of any affiliate marketer. But what is the best way to ensure that you get the most affiliate commissions from your traffic? Today, I hope I can shed some light on this subject and help you uncover top affiliate marketing strategies that will assist you with increasing your affiliate sales.


Use powerful landing pages!

What is a Landing Page?

landing-page-what-is-itA landing page is basically a single web page designed as a designated destination for an affiliate marketing or direct marketing campaign. It is also known as a lead capture page since visitor’s land on this page immediately after clicking on a hyperlink in your advertisement or marketing campaign. Whereas other landing pages provide prospects with various links to take them to a different page, a lead capture page directs them to take a particular action, such as subscribing or registering for a free download, newsletter subscription, a particular service, or purchasing a product. These landing pages can often contain links to sponsor advertisers’ pages, as well. The reason why they work so well is because the moment the user clicks on one of these links, the visitor is directed to that advertiser’s landing page. Therefore, when a visitor specifically interested in gaining further information, receive certain services, or purchase products that are being offered by an affiliate lands on its landing page, he/she will most likely be converted to a subscriber and potentially a future customer.

While converting lead-capture form visitors into subscribers and customers, these landing pages play a significant role in boosting an advertiser’s conversion rate. As a result of the above-mentioned principle, it is of paramount importance that you should focus on these landing pages and make them as effective as possible. Below are some useful tips that you should keep in mind if you want to improve conversion rates, not only with your landing pages, but your business as well:

Details of your landing page

When creating your landing page, make sure that you include all necessary details about your offer and business. You should provide key point information, maybe a logo, and even an image and any other visual information that will help potential subscribers to understand who you are and what you do. Also, try to include a unique selling proposition (USP) of your business. This is your sales pitch, which describes in brief what sets you apart from other advertisers in your niche.

Opt-in forms and pages


Make sure that you have an opt-in page on your site for website visitors. Opt-in pages will give your website visitors the opportunity to provide you with their contact information. This will help you in tracking targeted leads. This is also the place where you can add any other details relevant to the products and services that you offer. You can place product discount promos and other promotional offers within this page or form.

Social media platforms

There are also several social media platforms that can drive more traffic to your landing pages. You can use Facebook, Twitter, and any other social network to promote your business. Through these social media networks, you can increase the number of your website visitors. These networks allow you to interact with more people and to know what they want and what they need.

Lead capture pages


Lead capture pages are becoming increasingly popular with online marketers as an easy and affordable way of getting leads for their online business. Essentially, a lead capture page is just a term which refers to any web page on your site that, when a link is clicked, the visitor is directed to a landing page where they can either sign up to receive something such as a product or the request for specific information. These pages, also known as “capture pages” or “opt-in pages” can be created and hosted by anyone. Some marketers prefer to outsource the creation of these lead capture pages, but many marketers find it easier to build their own. Below are some advantages of creating your own lead capture pages:

Advantages of building your own lead capture form. First, doing it yourself is cheaper than purchasing custom or even pre-designed forms or pages. And second, there is no software required; you can create lead capture pages in a matter of minutes using free tools available on the internet. Once you have made your first lead capture form, you will learn how to make them more effective, and you will not spend any money to learn. If you continue to use the same lead capture page you create on a regular basis, people will eventually trust you and be more open to responding to your emails and what you have to offer. Of course, this does not rule out the need for ongoing testing of different designs, forms, or pages.

How effective are they? There are many different methods for capturing leads online, but none of them are as effective as having your own lead capture pages with your lead qualifications, or your opt-in form. Having your own lead qualification, opt-in form, and landing page is how you can generate quality traffic without spending a lot of money.

Make use of opt-in forms!

use-opt-in-formsUse opt-in forms for ongoing campaigns. You have probably heard the phrase “opt-in box” or “opt-in form” at least once. These boxes appear at the side or the bottom of every blog and social media page. They allow users to enter their name and email address so that you can send them information about new products, promotions, and other items that you have available.

It is of paramount importance for every internet marketer to understand the concept of what an opt-in form is and how it works. Most people when they start their run will not apply any method of marketing to their business at all. They will either follow the pack and use social networking or forum posting and will never think of building a mailing list or even having a website of their own. As a result, when they join a forum or network, they might register there without knowing that they can invite other people to their network, which would mean that they could send them email messages about their products or services. This is basic affiliate marketing 101 and something you should be following.

Do not overload your landing pages!


It is entirely acceptable to make landing pages appealing, but keep the information short. Landing pages usually contain one of two things: a lead-capture page or a squeeze page. Typically, lead capture pages contain detailed information about the benefits of becoming a subscriber. For example, a visitor to a page with details about a free eBook might be persuaded to “opt in” by viewing the benefits that they will receive by providing their contact information.


Alternatively, squeeze pages often contain an opt-in form for users. The advantage of this method is that it is much easier for a visitor to sign up for the mailing list if they might be interested in learning more about a certain product or service. However, information contained on the page needs to be targeted towards readers who may not be interested in immediately purchasing a product but do possess certain demographics and interests that make signing up to the list worthwhile. For example, a squeeze page created for a website promoting camping equipment would not be as successful for online marketers targeting home improvement tips. This part should seem obvious.


Once you have designed a lead-capture page or squeeze page that is appropriate to your marketing strategy, you will need to include bullet points or key phrases. These are the benefits or advantages, which often consists of three to five points that will entice people with the information provided. This is a major key to conversion. Your short, detailed points should convince visitors to sign up to your list by showing them the benefits they can obtain by following your lead capture page or by providing the incentive to sign up for the mailing list. Alternatively, you could provide a link to an informational article that is relevant to the product or service you are promoting. In addition, you should ensure that you mention how easy it is to sign up for the free offer or how valuable the product or service is and how you expect your readers to benefit from it.

Building Your Landing Page

Before you even think of building your landing page, spend time doing some research into the idea you have or want. Knowing what your page will look like is one thing but knowing what it will provide or offer is another.

Create a Captivating Headline

Your headline could easily be the most important section on your landing page. It needs to grab the attention of visitor’s and lead them to continue reading what is on the page. Keep in mind, your headline is basically the first thing people will see.

Get Rid of Site Navigation

Site navigation is a fantastic resource when getting people to visit other pages of your website. However, your landing page should not be part of this strategy. Why? Simply put, you do not want to give visitors to your landing page an option of clicking away without acting first.

Channel Your Offer

Immediately convey your message and convey the advantages and benefits of what you are offering.

Add Your Bullet Points

Bullet points increase the opportunity of the benefits and value of your offer and display your message more effectively. Generally, three to five bullet points should suffice in what you are offering. Keep them brief and to the point.

  • Bullet Point #1 example
  • Bullet Point #2 example
  • Bullet Point #3 example

Add Relevant Images

Any type of relevant images such as product images can go a long way in capturing the attention of people. There is no doubt that people love images, so include at least one engaging image on your landing page.

Make Sure Your Call-To-Action is Clear

A call-to-action may seem a little obvious when building your landing page. However, make sure it is simple, clear, and to the point. For example, “To Grab This Free eBook Now, Simply Fill Out the Form.”

Create Your Opt-in Form


Your opt-in form should be simple and easy for people to sign-up. Typically, an effective form will consist of two fields, a placeholder for “name” and one for “email.” Many online marketers have even made it super simple for sign-ups by removing the name field altogether and only require an email address.

There are various affiliate marketing strategies that work. If you have a blog or a website that relates to a particular niche, you can easily generate leads and sales by providing useful information in a reader-engaged environment. To effectively promote affiliate products or services, it is important for you as an affiliate marketer to develop multiple affiliate marketing strategies. By having a variety of marketing tools at your disposal, you will be able to take full advantage of all the opportunities that new affiliate programs present.


I hope I have demonstrated how these affiliate marketing tips can be useful with your own online business, especially when creating landing pages. Try to remember – researching, testing, and taking action are vital in everything you do online.

Best of luck!

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