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This post was updated on September 21, 2021

Countless bloggers have realized the opportunities and advantages of affiliate marketing, especially since it’s one of the best ways to utilize their blogs to generate revenue. The actual amount of revenue that is generated by a blog featuring affiliate links can vary significantly due to the amount of traffic a blog receives as well as the commission that is offered for individual affiliate marketing products or services.

Affiliate marketing basics

The basic process of affiliate marketing involves the creation of hyperlinks on a blog to another website, which is usually that of a vendor. The vendor then compensates the blog owner according to the specific affiliate program. Any offered commission may be awarded in several different ways.

The blog owner may be compensated each time the advertisement is served, when a unique visitor clicks through the advertisement or when a blog visitor performs a certain action such as purchasing a vendor product or simply registering with a vendor.

Let’s take a look at some of the basics of affiliate marketing which bloggers should understand such as choosing opportunities carefully, taking advantage of potential income for top opportunities and having an understanding of basic requirements that surround many of the affiliate marketing opportunities.

Choosing affiliate marketing opportunities

There is a wide variety of affiliate marketing opportunities available. Many different companies and websites offer affiliate marketing opportunities. In most cases the blog owner simply needs to submit the website address of his blog along with some other basic information for approval.

In most cases the company is not likely to reject the application unless the content of the website is deemed to be objectionable or otherwise in conflict of interest with the company’s goals. However, although getting approved to display affiliate links on your website is a rather simple process, this does not mean blog owners should select these affiliate marketing opportunities without discretion. It is a far better idea to carefully select affiliate marketing opportunities with companies who are of interest to the target audience of the blog.

A well-focused blog that is reaching a specific target audience should seek to display marketing links directing website traffic to companies which complement the blog without acting as direct competition to the blog.

This helps to ensure the blog visitors will not only be interested in the affiliate marketing links and therefore more likely to click on the links but will also help to ensure the blog visitors do not find the affiliate marketing links to be bothersome.

Maximizing opportunities

Once blog owners have selected affiliate marketing opportunities it is time to consider how they can maximize the profit generated by these links. There are a couple of critical factors which blog owners should carefully consider to help maximize their profit from affiliate marketing. This includes regularly evaluating the effectiveness of the affiliate links and promoting the blog to maximize traffic.

Being effective with affiliate marketing

Blog owners who incorporate affiliate marketing into their blog should regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the affiliate links. This can be done by comparing the percentage of blog visitors who click on the affiliate links to the overall blog traffic.

A blog which has high traffic but a relatively small percentage of visitors who click on the affiliate links should consider making changes to attempt to entice more blog visitors to click on the links. These changes can involve the aesthetics, size or location of the advertisements. Making only one change at a time is recommended because it makes it easier for the blog owner to evaluate which changes are most beneficial.

Blog owners can also help to maximize the profit from their affiliate marketing opportunities by doing self-promotion to drive additional website to the blog. This will likely be beneficial because higher website traffic will generally translate to greater profit from affiliate marketing. Additionally, the blog owner may want to occasionally mention companies for which they are an affiliate to generate interest in the advertisements on the website.

What are the requirements

Finally, blog owners should pay careful attention to the affiliate marketing terms set forth by each vendor. This is crucial since most companies may place restrictions on the usage of a link to their website.

This can include a variety of restrictions such as avoiding objectionable content (that’s a given), not including links or promotions for direct competitors or restrictions on the appearance of the affiliate links. Failure to comply with these guidelines can easily result in the blog losing out on their affiliate privileges as well as the opportunity of receiving any type of compensation.

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