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free-to-download-hd-quality-stock-video-sitesWhen it comes to creating videos, either for a blog, websites, presentations, or even for affiliate promotions, finding proper and professional quality footage that can help bring more life to your videos is crucial. However, many professional grade snippets or segments can end up being costly for almost anyone who needs them. And because of that, most short video snippets or elements are simply not worth the time and expense (at least not for many online marketers).

Of course, there’s no reason to get yourself down or even feel that you’re being left out. There’s always going to be some solution to every problem, and today, this might be the perfect way to get around some of those costly steps when trying to create your own videos. There are a few free picture and image sites, some of which I mentioned previously in another blog post, that also provide free stock video footage. Many of these stock videos are short clips that often run from 10 to 30 seconds, however, there are some which provide longer versions as well. Whether you’re an actual designer, videographer, website developer, blogger, professional, or affiliate marketer, creating videos using these short segments can easily highlight any video you make. On top of that, any presentation, YouTube promotion, or affiliate ad will look more inviting and professional.

Now, you can search both day and night trying to find the perfect video elements that meet your specifications. What you’ll end up with is numerous accounts, maybe some fee-based subscriptions, and continuous browsing that leads to wasted time and effort. To save you from spending any extra money and hopefully saving you time from surfing endlessly, I’ve put together a list of several free resources that offer royalty free stock video footage. If you’re going to surf and browse for video footage that will help you to create your videos, you might as well spend time browsing for videos you can use and download for free.



Pixabay provides one of the largest databases of images on the internet and it’s well known and highly utilized by thousands of online marketers. But, one thing many people often ignore or are simply unaware about, is the collection of over a million HD high quality stock videos. And just like the images on their site, the stock videos are available in numerous categories. Another major advantage is the licensing. Almost every video is licensed under the CC0 or Creative Commons Zero, which simply means that the videos and/or content can be downloaded for free for use with personal or commercial rights where modifications can be made and no credit or attribution is required. That alone is worth your time and effort. https://pixabay.com/videos/



Many people often say that Pexels is very similar to Pixabay, guess what? They’re right. Yes, they offer a large variety of free stock photos, but just like Pixabay, they also offer a large selection of free stock HD videos that you can download and use. And yes, the videos under the Pexels collection are licensed as CC0 or Creative Commons Zero, which you can use for personal or commercial projects and modify as needed with no credit or attribution required. https://www.pexels.com/search/videos/videos/



Mixkit is what I would refer to as an up and coming player within the video creation market. It may not have a huge selection of videos as compared to other stock video sites, but they are growing. All videos are free to download and use with no attribution required. https://mixkit.co/free-stock-video/



Monzoom provides a lot specialty focused 4k and HD Videos and assets to help create and develop their own videos and presentations. A large selection of fx, intro and outros, video backgrounds, transitions, video elements, visuals, lower thirds, and virtual studios. Monzoom is a subscription-based website, but it also has a free signup section that allows access to hundreds of quality videos and video assets that you can download and use for free in order to create videos. https://www.monzoom.com/

Life of Vids


Life of Vids is somewhat of a collection of free videos and clips that are free to download and use for your own videos. There are no restrictions for both personal and commercial. The video collections or categories range from City, Clouds, Drone, Food, Nature, Office, People, Water, and more. https://www.lifeofvids.com/

Nature Stock Videos


The website, Nature Stock Videos offers a variety of nature videos (beaches, forests, lakes, mountains, oceans, rivers, waterfall, and random nature videos). All videos and nature stock footage can be downloaded free in beautiful 4K HD quality. There’s no restrictions and videos can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. Video license for all stock footage is under the Creative Commons Zero or CC0 which means no copyright or attribution required. If your videos or presentations need something spectacular, take a moment and browse through this collection. https://www.naturestockvideos.com/

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