When to capitalize titles in many circumstances can be questionable. Not to mention forming the title for blog topics and ideas.

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For many people, it can be a chore or even a struggle to come up with ideas for blog posts, this doesn’t even take into account the creation of effective titles, nor does it count the proper way in which to capitalize or not capitalize certain words within your titles. This is something that I struggle with constantly as words that I believe should be capitalized are generally not. Of course, it’s vice versa as there are many words, I think shouldn’t be capitalized but end up being capitalized.

Here’s an easy way to help solve this, it’s a free tool that will help you in capitalizing your titles. It’s called capitalize my title and can be found at Capitalize My Title

Capitalize My Title

Capitalize Titles

On the tab section make sure the default setting and the title case tabs are checked. After that, simply type in your title or copy and paste the titles you’ve done into the bar. As you type or when you paste your title it will automatically capitalize the necessary words. It’s a handy little tool that makes it easy and takes the guesswork out of capitalizing your titles.




Generate ideas for content

On the same page, scroll up to the menu and underneath tools look for the heading of blog title generator and click on it. This is another neat little tool and it can be very handy, not only in creating titles but also helping to generate ideas for content.


Generate blog topic and title

Simply scroll down to the box where it says enter a noun. Type your favorite niche keyword and click the blue generate blog topics button. After clicking, it will generate 10 topics and ideas for you that are related to your keyword. Keep in mind, some of the titles or topics will need some work or creative input from you. And, you can click the generate blog topics button over and over again to get set of new topics and ideas.


You can utilize these blog topic ideas to create content for your blog or use them to create unique titles.


Creativity is the key here, no matter what you are writing about. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to generate additional ideas and thoughts.

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