My thoughts on creativity and why it's needed now

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creativity-and-why-its-needed-nowCreativity is certainly nothing new and one of the most important things surrounding it, it’s something that can be learned. That’s right! You might be thinking that you lack any creative talent or possess any of the mentality needed with creativity itself, and that it’s reserved for those individuals who are considered gifted with an abundance of talent such as artists, musicians, song writers, authors, or even those who create feature films, movies, or at the very least invent things, etc. You may also believe that it’s a natural talent for many people and you don’t consider yourself part of that group.

My question is, why? Realistically, everyone has some form of creativity or talent within them, even though most creative thoughts usually remain hidden.

As for myself, I may not utilize or express a lot of my creative thinking, but I continually learn more and more each day. I think of myself like a slow burning fuse on its way to explode. Slow burning, but forever moving.

Well, everyone else is just like that slow burning fuse. The only difference is that many people might have longer fuses. You are a creative individual according to Michael Michalko. Rich (2014) points out the difference between those individuals who are creative and those who are not is basically a belief. People who are often creative simply believe. Those that do not believe are not creative. It’s a set of beliefs that sets apart your identity about yourself, and because of that, you simply become more interested in finding and developing certain skills that expresses more of your identity and overall beliefs.

So, how can creativity help during these times of uncertainty?

times-of-uncertaintyLet’s just say this, without some form of creative thinking taking place, you might easily find yourself being left out or even left behind.

One of the biggest reasons why so many people are not creative is due to living day to day, pay check to pay check, and generally stressed out about every little thing. There never seems to be those moments where people can sit down and relax where they can think creatively. Clearly, one of the best things you can do right now is simply relax. Take steps in helping to reduce your stress and open your mind to thinking creatively.

If you face a number of challenges or problems in your life or current situation, know this, you can’t solve everything at once. In fact, no matter what the challenges or problems might be, you must first start by assessing them to see what can realistically be done and what cannot be done (at least for now). This isn’t the time for that all or nothing mindset or even the thinking that everything you do has to be perfect.

If you have trouble or find it difficult in discovering any creative thought, reach out to others. That’s right, bounce some ideas off your family or friends. There’s nothing wrong with expressing your ideas with others, especially with those that might help in igniting your creative touch. Keep in mind, not everyone you talk to and share ideas with is going to be as optimistic or even creative. However, it would be ideal to find individuals who are more enthusiastic and somewhat innovative themselves.

Time is another issue for many people. It seems that most people always have very little time to spare for anything outside their regular schedule. No matter what the case might be, being creative can come from a few minutes here and there. Take those moments and notice things that are going on around you, within your area, or around the world. Try to visualize certain things and maybe put them in a different light. Imagine a child and the curiosity they have for things around them. In a way, opening up to a childlike curiosity can help a lot in becoming more creative and innovative.

Your ultimate goal is not only to improve creativity, but also to create opportunities to come up with ideas, a lot of ideas. And, don’t be discouraged if most of your ideas are bad or utterly useless. Coming up with ideas, good or bad, is simply part of the learning process or creative process, especially when developing those bust out ideas that eventually make it to the top.

Don’t wait for things to happen, start getting creative now!


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