Advantages of Using an Email Marketing Strategy

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Any type of email marketing strategy includes the use of tools such as an autoresponder, through a service or hosted email marketing platform that manages your email marketing campaign. The first step to any email marketing campaign is to have a list of email addresses that will help send your marketing campaigns.


An email marketing strategy can assist online marketers when sending out campaigns to a list of email addresses (subscribers). The list could include a list of addresses of those that have signed up to receive information or newsletters from your website, blog, or other landing page. By implementing the use of email marketing tools, you can save time and money since the autoresponder is set up to automatically send out your email marketing campaign for you and schedules it for delivery at a time that is convenient.

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services or other hosted platforms can offer a lot of services including newsletters creation, product selling, and email management. They also ensure that you only send emails to those that are interested in receiving them. These services also provide an online marketer the ability to manage their campaigns by making sure that the emails are sent only to the recipients who have opted to receive them. Keep in mind, this is a crucial element for success with any type of email marketing strategy.

Your autoresponder service can also be used to schedule and track an email marketing campaign and should offer other tools for marketers to utilize to monitor the performance of their email campaigns.

Many people are willing to open an email about a specific product/service/industry. Marketing campaigns that utilize reliable email marketing platforms will often show higher open rates, click through rates and response rates.

Those that are interested in learning more about a product, service, or sector are more likely to open an email addressed to them. This means that the autoresponder can help marketers by identifying those that are interested in the information that they send out.


The response rate will also help the marketer figure out which email to send, which ones didn’t get sent, and analytics that will help online marketers figure out how they can improve the response rate of their emails. The response rate will also help a marketer figure out whether the recipient will be opening future emails.

For online marketers to decide which email marketing services to choose from, you must consider the pricing and features of the respective autoresponder services and must also consider if the service will fit your needs. The pricing, service, and key features of any services should be one of the factors when choosing any type of email marketing platforms.

How to Build an Email Marketing List


Having an email marketing strategy is an easy and effective way to keep in touch with your customers and potential customers. Not only does it help keep you in touch with your buyers, but it also helps build customer loyalty. However, it is not a magic bullet that keeps you in touch with everyone all the time. If you don’t use it correctly it could turn into spam which is illegal and not a good thing for your business.

So, what are the steps to email marketing success?

Understand your list

Who are you emailing? How old are they? What do they want from you? These are the questions you need to ask. It’s a red flag if your list is made up of people from different niches. So make sure you know what they want from you, or at the very least, what they expect.

Offer something of value

Don’t just offer them junk just because they gave you their email address. Give away something that will help them. It could be a free report, a video, a webinar or checklist.

Create a landing page and email opt-in form


Your landing page is the first page your potential customer sees when they go to your website. It should have some valuable information, so they are more likely to sign up for your list. An email opt-in form is just below your landing page. It’s simply a box with a little form with name and email address details.

Use video on your landing page

Video is great and it’s easy to put up a simple video. People love it. Plus it adds a whole new dimension to your business. They can see right inside your business. That means they are more likely to be responsive to whatever you are offering them.

Make it personal and relevant to your market

It’s important to remember that your potential customer is speaking in their head. Don’t talk down to them. Make sure your email reflects the life experience of your customer. Show them how you help them build a business. If you don’t make it personal it won’t resonate.

You can construct a list of responsive subscribers by following these simple steps.

In the end, an email marketing strategy is all about list building. And there are five steps to keep in mind when list building:

  1. Ways to build an email list.
  2. These lists can be used to send out emails, newsletters, announcements, updates and promotions
  3. These are intended to be opt-in lists
  4. Email lists can be used to start a dialogue with your subscribers
  5. It is important to create and maintain a relationship with your list

Developing your email marketing strategy

Write messages that will get you responses

Any online marketer can build a list of subscribers but having an email marketing strategy is the best way to guarantee a list of targeted subscribers. If you want to have a lucrative list, this will help you do that.

You may have heard that there are different types of email marketing, and one of the most effective is the direct approach with email marketing, list marketing, or subscriber marketing. In this form, you are the marketer, and the subscriber is the targeted customer. Now you may be able to build your list, but here’s a handy reference on the strategies that will help you to build a targeted list.

Content marketing

The aim of this is to give your audience the key points about your business, products, or services. It should be rich and useful and not too long or too short. For your email marketing strategy, you could start by giving a summary of your content marketing activities. This would be an excellent chance to let your audience know that you are here to help them and to build a relationship with them.

Article marketing

This kind of email marketing involves writing content about a relevant product or service. This is one of the original marketing methods in the world of direct email marketing and continues to work in a variety of ways.

Promotional emails

This kind of email marketing involves sending messages to your subscribers to promote your business. It is more of a private message to them, especially since they are already on your list. It should be in line with your business and content marketing, and it should also be of a personal nature. It will encourage your subscribers to come back to your business and they should also be interested in certain products or services that you are marketing.

The aim of this is to make them aware of your business as well as to build a relationship with them. It is essential to have a lot of things in line when you are attempting to do this.

  1. Make sure that you have your marketing template set up correctly. This should include your logo and contact details. It should also involve your content, and information about your company. If you are using the template supplied by your autoresponder, it would be ideal that you also include the information about your products or services.
  2. Ensure that you include the links to your products or services on your email marketing campaign. Make sure that they are working properly. It is a fact that most people will not read the entire mail but will just check the links.
  3. Ensure that you have included in your email marketing template an ad for your products or services to your subscribers. Make sure that you promote your products or services in a personal way.
  4. Make sure that you have done everything possible to keep your customers happy.

If your email marketing strategy generates a positive reaction, you will be pleased. You should be proud of this. It is the feedback that will give you the information that you need to be successful not only with building a list, but also with your business.

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