What is ConvertKit?

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The autoresponder, list builder, form creator, and landing page builder known as ConvertKit is an email marketing tool primarily designed for online creators like video creators, freelancers, podcasters, e-commerce providers, consultants, affiliate marketers, bloggers, and other companies or businesses that want to build relationships with their audience.

The tool helps online creators to develop their email lists, generate sign-up forms, send personalized emails to subscribers, and set up an automation that works while you sleep.

The software boasts the best email marketing tool that best suits professional online creators like bloggers. This software company was started in 2013 by Nathan Barry and David wheeler, Co-Founder but not as an email marketing tool.

Email marketing


Email has been an important marketing tool, with over two billion users as of now. However, an email is a personal tool, and even with the high number of users, eighty-eight percent of them check their emails regularly. Once users go to their email inboxes, they often get to a state of mind for engaging with helpful content and valuable products. That is why email marketing has yielded the best returns with an ROI of over forty dollars for every one dollar spent.

However, regardless of the big benefits being highlighted, you need to know that this marketing strategy is only as lucrative as the tools you use. This is because email newsletter subscribers have different needs, so sending a single email regardless of its goodness might not be relevant to all your subscribers.

Therefore, the click-through for email marketing has been stagnant because brands would not cater to every customer’s needs. However, automated email marketing has made this easy as customer’s needs are met through monitoring their online behavior.

Moreover, such automated email messages are personalized to every customer. So, as a marketer, you’ve decided to opt for automated email marketing, but the major problem you will face is choosing the right software.

It can be a daunting experience to pick one platform with the multiple options of software available. But in this case, you won’t have to worry as the following information introduces a user friendly and one of the most popular email marketing software that will help you personalize your messages to your subscribers. The tool is ConvertKit.

ConvertKit Review

Why should professional online creators switch to ConvertKit and not other email marketing tools?

The following are some of the reasons why this tool is the greatest and why every marketer should use it.

A - To send the appropriate offers to the targeted recipients

This software organizes a site’s subscribers based on tags and not records. Therefore, it makes it cost-effective and easier when adding several subscribers to a product or an event.

B - The tool increases email delivery rates

Every online content creator needs an assurance of email delivery and a fast delivery rate. And that is what this software offers. A delivery rate is the ratio of the number of subscribers you sent the email to those who received it. In addition, the software reduces email bouncing rates, both soft and hard.

C - The software provides unrivaled customer service

ConvertKit gives clients support via email and LiveChat. Moreover, the tool also provides video tutorials and support documentation. The support documentation provided by the tool takes bloggers through the actions they want to do on email software. It comprises mostly asked questions by users plus their answers. Therefore, you might not need the customer support agents if you have the documentation in most instances.

The mission of ConvertKit

According to the company’s founder, Nathan Barry, the tools have a nice mission of helping creators like bloggers and marketers earn a living online by doing what they love.

Features of ConvertKit email


Other features include

  • Forms
  • Sequences
  • Broadcast


There are broad advantages of using ConvertKit over other email marketing software. In other words, what ConvertKit offers to its customers, such as online and professional bloggers, is beyond measure in terms of benefits. But this statement shouldn’t mean other email marketing companies have nothing to offer; the only truth is that the ConvertKit services are incredibly simple to navigate and create. Which means you can literally have your first campaign ready in minutes. So let’s see some ultimate pros of ConvertKit.


A - It is easy to use

Of course, there are no overwhelming moments like using a difficult tool to use and complicating everything; this means you won’t achieve what you need. Which means it could take longer to set up your campaigns. However, ConvertKit was indeed made easy to use for every beginner and professional.

This email marketing platform has availed all important features prospective to better the relationship between online creators such as yourself and customers. Creators can also sell products and use the available clean analytics dashboard to track the entire performance of their email marketing.

B - It is tag-based system automation

With ConvertKit, it is easy to tag your email subscribers in any way. In simple terms, you can personalize how better you can serve your subscribers as more income from your business generates huge income.

C - ConvertKit has sequences and built-in email courses

ConvertKit email marketing helps in creating email sequences easily. Through email sequences, you can take out customers (from the series) who have purchased your course. You can also send email notifications or messages to customers who viewed your sales but didn’t buy. This is always a clever way to grow your audience by leveraging landing pages and selling email courses.

ConvertKit landing page


Landing pages are an absolute must for any online creator. And having a landing page builder that makes design and implementation “easy” for any skill level is a bonus. To create a ConvertKit landing page, simply click the “Landing Pages & Forms” tab in the navigation bar.


Next, choose from a variety of templates.


If you are giving away an eBook to help build your subscriber list, choose the “eBook category” and preview the templates by clicking the “Preview” button below each template. When you find the template that you would like to work with, simply click the red tab “Choose” and begin adjusting it to meet your requirements.

After choosing your template, you will be taken to the drag & drop editor. Everything on the page can be changed. Starting with the landing page background, logo, headline, product image, and form. Adjustments can be made on the sidebar for each of the elements that you want to change.


When creating forms, simply click on the “Forms” tab from the main navigation bar. Once again, forms can easily be created from the editor page simply by clicking on any area within the form.


Like any other platform that helps in email marketing, ConvertKit has its drawbacks. Unfortunately, this means that everything is not always 100% perfect for everyone, and here are some of the cons associated with it.

A – Removing inactive subscribers from your email list is difficult.

This situation can affect you when using a single opt-in on sites. Like any other blogger, you will need your marketing engagement to keep shooting up to the higher rating, but your performance is down with subscribers who don’t bring positive impact rates. Therefore, you will need to remove them from your list. But the problem arises where you may not be able to do so as the platform doesn’t allow it. When removing such lists, you will need to contact the customer support service, which is tedious.

Final thoughts

What is ConvertKit

Simply put, ConvertKit is an email service provider specializing in email marketing. ConvertKit claims to be “the most advanced email marketing tool in the world” with an “easy to use interface and a lot of features.” It is an email marketing system that allows you to create and maintain email lists, send email broadcasts, manage sequences, create segments, and develop landing pages. It is easy to understand and easy to use. It is also easy to integrate with other tools, like WordPress.

You are an online creator, especially if you market online, blog, or do anything else that involves engagement with an audience. Whether you promote products and services or sell your own products through a website, blog, or with email marketing, your subscribers and customers are not always aware of how things are done, and because of that you might encounter a few challenges. Fortunately, ConvertKit can help keep everything flowing smoothly for you through its automated email marketing.

Thank you for reading my e-mail marketing review of ConvertKit.

I definitely recommend ConvertKit if you are or want to be an online creator while at the same time creating a subscriber list.

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