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Building a list of email subscribers is one of the primary keys for long-term success for almost any online business today. And affiliate marketing is no exception.

want-to-build-a-list-of-email-subscribersAn email list is one of the most important things an affiliate marketer should consider. Think about it, having an email list allows you the opportunity to build relationships with your subscribers, and in turn, the added benefit of sending out strategic messages on a regular basis. Of course, this also provides subscribers the equal opportunity of getting in touch with you and keeping in touch with you as well. That is why building a list of email subscribers for your affiliate marketing business is so crucial.

List building is the same for almost any type of business, including affiliate marketing. Whether your sites are offline or online, the idea of building a list of email subscribers will be the same. List building simply refers to the process of cultivating and growing a list of contacts who will become email subscribers and eventually potential customers.

In most cases, these leads are generated by utilizing a wide variety of effective marketing techniques which tend to involve gathering lead information from various sources of related online businesses, corresponding websites, blogs, and social media. These can also include search engine listings, links to blogs and pages, and social networking links.

When your email subscribers become more familiar with you and understand who they are dealing with, they are usually more likely to do business with you. And the stronger you build your relationship with subscribers, the stronger your online business will become, along with more opportunities for increasing the number of subscribers who you can help in their own online journey by promoting reliable products or services that will be of benefit to them.

Building a list of email subscribers

When building a list of email subscribers, you will want to include a link to your website, blog, a discount offer, a free product, or some other form of incentive for your subscribers to sign up. There are many ways that you can present your incentive such as using –

  • squeeze pages
  • landing pages
  • and opt-in pages

You can even use a variety of –

  • forms
  • quizzes
  • polls
  • newsletters
  • or simply ask someone to fill out a short survey

Providing an incentive is a great thing to offer your subscribers because they will be motivated to join your list. However, building a list of email subscribers can be competitive. Remember, you are not the only marketer on the block. You need to be creative in what you offer as an incentive. On top of that, utilizing reliable resources and necessary tools such as the right email autoresponder software that can help you to build your online business is a key to success.


Building a list of responsive email subscribers

To build a responsive mailing list, it is important that you know how to market your online business. Keep in mind, tens of thousands of online marketers from around the globe are trying to accomplish the same things you are doing. So because of that, the best way to promote your affiliate marketing business is through content creation and email marketing.


Content creation is not only tied to writing articles related to the niche of your business, but also includes other content-based materials such as –

  • images
  • graphics
  • PDFs
  • videos
  • and audio

that are relevant to your target audience which provide information about your business, who you are, what you want to achieve, and how your products can benefit your following.


By doing this, it will assist you in building a relationship by creating engagement with your subscribers. The best way to build your email subscriber list is to develop amazing content, which can also go a long way in developing a more responsive list of email subscribers.

Build your list organically

When building your list of email subscribers, think of doing it organically or naturally. What that means is, do not attempt to reinvent the wheel by implementing questionable methods like spamming social media, groups, forums, or other types of venues. Instead, build your list organically by collecting email addresses from people who come across various promotions that you can do.


Utilizing a blog or a website can be extremely beneficial in helping to collect email addresses from people who visit your website or blog. In fact, it is one of the best ways for building a list for your online business.

Several methods to generate leads

One of the most popular methods is through squeeze pages. It is funny, for years online marketers referred to squeeze pages as the strategy to build a list, but today, they are more commonly known as landing pages. Of course, it does not matter what you call them as the basic idea behind them is to get the people who land on the page to act, which will often lead them to signing up for your list. Some experienced affiliate marketers prefer to build huge lists for their business using pay per click advertising. Other marketers prefer the viral effect that well-written articles can generate. Regardless of your list building method, one thing is for certain – you need to get started.

In the image example below is a basic squeeze page or landing page that is used to get email subscribers. You will notice in the image that an attraction title is being used to capture visitor attention along with a free offer or download.


If you are considering promoting an affiliate product, your first task should be to get a squeeze page built. Remember what I mentioned previously, a squeeze page or landing page is simply a web page where you will more than likely provide sufficient and targeted information for your audience to entice them in signing up with you. It is especially important that you create a compelling landing page that provides a great headline. From there, you should also be able to answer any questions in brief (what the benefit for them is) that a potential email subscriber may have about what you are offering.


Finally, when it comes to list building through affiliate marketing, you need to think outside of the box. Building a list of responsive email subscribers is a strategy that will not happen overnight. You must be dedicated and focused on building your list of email subscribers. And the only way you will achieve this is by taking action. You must be willing to spend a little time and effort to make your strategies work. Set a time each day where your efforts are concentrated solely on building your list.


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