When involved with online marketing, procrastination can be one of the biggest negative elements that prevents you from accomplishing your daily tasks and goals.

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 The question is, why do you procrastinate?

Procrastination is definitely an odd behavior and sort of a trap that all of us have a tendency to fall into occasionally now and then. Many online marketers often realize things they want to do or something they want to achieve and while they understand what needs to be done, they still find difficulty in actually getting many things done. It’s kind of like something is holding you back and stops you from taking action.

It often feels as if there’s no real explanation for this crazy way of thinking, however, there remains some real reasons for procrastination. Of course, they’re not always noticeable. Our behavior is usually not something that is unplanned. When we do something, we often do it for a reason. For instance, everything you do with online marketing can be motivated by the desire to make money online to help improve your lifestyle.

Granted there are many reasons as to why you often procrastinate, but the basic reason generally comes down to fear. Fear is what prevents you from doing things, but more importantly, it stops you from taking action. Don’t get me wrong, fear, at times, can be positive and help when you fear doing certain things in life and prevent you from meeting that fear.

While fear can be a fundamental reason for procrastination, there are several common fears that are prevalent amongst many marketers. Take a look at the underlying reasons why a lot of online marketers continually procrastinate and the fears that are associated with them.

Fear of failure


If you fear failure, you are more apt to NOT be part of or even participate at all. You might even think that if you don’t do it, then you will not fail and nobody can judge you.

Personally, I don’t care what people might say or think, nobody likes being judged. So, this reason might seem a little more realistic. However, marketers often use a different angle here and it’s called being perfect.

How many times have you waited for certain things to be perfect until you take action?

As for myself, I’m just as guilty as everyone else when it comes to postponing tasks and projects. When I first started online, it never seemed to be the right time, and because of that, I delayed many of my efforts by not taking action.

A lot of online marketers don’t want to look bad in the eyes of their family and friends. They simply wait and put-off doing things until its perfect. They delay taking action and defer many tasks until the right time comes around. The fear of failure can present many reasons to put-off doing or even avoiding tasks and projects all together.

Having to deal with bad experiences

Nobody really wants to deal with bad experiences. Because of that, many online marketers frequently believe that certain actions can cause some bad experiences and basically feel that not doing them is better. Many of these beliefs could originate from past experiences or were simply installed and learned by association.

Fear of missing out

It’s often referred to as ‘FOMO’ and with all the crazy things happening on the internet today, everyone wants a part of the action and does not want to miss out on things.

Don’t believe me – watch people on their cell phones. Many of them can’t live without their feeds. It’s very much the same within the internet marketing world. Each and every day we get slammed with numerous opportunities that promise to change our lives.

Online marketers don’t want to miss out on the latest system that is going to make them rich overnight. Nobody wants to miss out on the next big trend, especially the one that promises everybody will profit by getting in early.

Of course, the fear of missing out does have its drawbacks. It can be challenging not missing out, but you can be vulnerable and take on too much. This can be overwhelming for you and if this happens, you run the risk of shutting down, which ultimately leads to procrastination.

Obviously, these issues do not represent the only reasons for procrastination, but they’re definitely some of the more common reasons associated with online marketing.

You need to be aware of these fears in hopes of overcoming procrastination. You should also realize that these fears are somewhat invented and that you have the ability to break-through these fears and take action. Don’t allow indecision to keep you in your tracks.

You need to keep pushing forward by taking action. You need to make things happen in your life and your business.

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