14 New Year's Resolutions for Online Marketers

14-new-years-resolutions-online-marketers-should-apply-nowNew Year’s resolutions signals that it’s that time of year again, the time that marks the end or closing of another chapter in our lives. It’s that time of year when we start dreaming of the things we want to do, the goals we want to set, and the promises we make in hopes of bettering ourselves. New Year’s Day usually brings a sense of joy and excitement for something new. After all, it is the first day of a new year. But more than anything, it’s a time when everyone feels energized, motivated, and inspired enough where anything is possible and dreams can come true.

The New Year often marks the start of a new chapter in our lives where everyone makes promises. Some people will begin the event by planning early and setting realistic and achievable goals. While other people will simply wait for the New Year to begin.

Realistically, many people simply give-up on their New Year’s resolutions within the first month or two of the New Year. They simply settle for what was working before or even for things that were not working for them. Why? It’s often challenging and hard to break old habits or ways of thinking. It’s one thing to have and set New Year’s resolutions, but it’s another thing to have and establish the proper mindset and commitment that will push you through to the end.


The following 14 resolutions outlines some of the vital objectives you should make for yourself as an online marketer or even that of a personal level. If you can manage to commit yourself to these, you’ll soon discover how much simpler it will be to reach many of your other goals in life.

Become more conscious about money

Become more conscious about money

Besides losing weight, making money or having more of it is the next most popular New Year’s resolution. Often, the goal is simply to make money, however, it should be more conscious about money – your money. This means focusing on where it’s coming in and where it’s going out. It also includes saving and reducing expenses. This can often be a challenge and usually requires a little self-control, but it’s definitely possible.

Become more interested in a hobby

Discovering a hobby can be one of the best ways to reduce tension and stress from life. A hobby can separate you from the activities and pressures of the outside world. A hobby can provide moments of fun and ongoing happiness and can also help in discovering many of your hidden talents.

Continue to learn new things

Life provides us with the opportunity to continually learn new things. However, things always seem to disrupt our plans or circumstances become demanding and causes us to forgo some of the pleasures in life. How many things have you wanted to do throughout your life, but put off doing because of certain obligations or circumstances? Is there a game you’ve always wanted to play? Or maybe an instrument you’d like to play? How about learning to code? Make a commitment now to learn something new.

Eat more healthier foods

Eat more healthier foods

You’re probably already aware of the fact that the New Year’s resolution which stands out the most is weight loss. Countless numbers of people from around the world wait for New Year’s Day to make that pledge of finally losing weight. People suddenly begin dieting in hopes of losing weight and gaining a new body. Unfortunately, many never achieve this goal.

One of the best ways to lose weight is to simply to eat healthier foods. This means cutting out the fast-food choices and many of the pre-packaged meals as well as other pre-packaged foods from the grocery store. Yes, it’s a habit and we all know that some habits are hard to break. However, if you’re trying to lose weight, begin by choosing better options with healthier foods and slowly break those habits for good.

Exercise regularly

Considering the benefits for total health, working at a desk or computer terminal can be one of the worst jobs you could have. Sitting for hours not only puts pressure on your joints, arms, legs and back, it also reduces the health of your body as a whole. That’s why it’s important to include exercise on a daily basis. Even if your goal is not to lose weight, exercise can go a long way in helping to improve muscle mass, blood circulation, relieve joint pressure, reduce chances of heart disease, relieve tension and stress, plus so much more.

Get out and see more

Traveling should be more than just a trip; it should be an adventure. Travel is a journey and should be a time to explore new things in life. So, get out there and discover something new!

Improve personal motivation

Motivation can be one of the best things to help keep you and your business on track. Unfortunately, motivation is often short-term (it doesn’t live on forever like many people think). Think of the Energizer Bunny commercial and when the battery begins to lose power, so does the Bunny. Well, motivation acts much in the same way. Without the daily routine of inspiration and drive, tasks usually become harder and life becomes overwhelming. This is when you’ll need persistence, determination and self-control to help finish tasks and overcome many of the challenges in life. Personal motivation will help you focus on these principles which will bring you closer to your dreams and goals.

Learn to be more organized

When you hear people saying that you need to be organized, we often relay those thoughts to a tidy kitchen, a clean sink, a presentable dining table, a well-stocked pantry, or even a clean and tidy workspace or desk. Yes, these are definitely important points for organizing, but being organized includes planning. Having a plan will help eliminate clutter both physically and mentally, which ultimately helps in saving time, effort and money. More importantly, a plan will help to reduce much of the stress in your life.

Learn to take action and reduce the chatter

Have you ever seen people that are always talking but never seem to do anything worthwhile? Distance yourself from these people, whether they’re within arms lengths or within social media. Your goal should be to spend more time being productive. Your time and energy are priceless, so use it on activities that are worthwhile and meaningful to you.

Make things happen

In order for things to be different, you first need to be responsible for your own life and the things that you do. You can’t expect many of the things in your life to be different if all you do is just sit and watch. And, continually blaming other people for all your mistakes will get you nowhere fast. You need to take charge of many things in your life that you CAN control. Take a deep breath and write down the things that you want to do. Make notes of certain areas where you might be weak, areas that need improving, and areas which require help from outside sources. Doing this will claim responsibility for your actions and get you closer to making things happen in your life!

Pay more attention to your mind and body

Pay more attention to your mind and body

Nobody said that life would be easy, and this is especially true when it comes to taking care of your mind and body. Everything is moving so much faster today. It’s a rush to get up in the morning, it’s a rush to get the kids to school, it’s a rush to get to work, it’s a rush to get home after work, it’s a rush to cook dinner. Heck, it’s often just a rush to eat dinner. You need to maintain your sanity in this crazy world we live in. You need to spend time looking after your emotional, mental and physical health. You need to pay attention to those things that might be causing a disruption and develop routines to counter them. Meditation, yoga, exercise, and other physical activities can be great for helping to improve mental and physical health. Choose something and make it happen!

Reduce social media

Social media, often considered the juggernaut of the internet. Years ago, it was the place to keep up with family and friends, but much of the concept of social media has changed within the last few years. Instead of being something special and entertaining, it now thrives on drama and attention. For many, it’s simply an addiction that can literally drain the life out of you. In fact, so many people are oblivious as to how much time they spend on social media platforms. In order to be productive, not only for your business but your personal well-being, you need to make a choice. Either reduce or limit the amount of activity on social media or simply move on. Keep this in mind, it’s a whole different world outside of social media.

Spend additional quality time with family

Spend additional quality time with family

Here’s something I consider to be valuable in the sphere of life, family! Yes, we all have relationships and people that are close to us, but nothing replaces what you have with your family. If you have chosen to work with an online home business, you could easily forsake time with your family while working on your business. This is a bad decision and the wrong path to follow. Make time for your family each and every day. The key is to spend QUALITY time with them. This means time away from the computer and your phone.

Stop procrastinating

One of the biggest issues involving business failure is procrastination. It’s also a leading cause of personal issues as well. Delaying or putting-off making key or critical decisions can mean everything to a business. Achieving your goals and reaching new levels of success comes from taking action and doing the things that need to be done.