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online-marketing-needs-focus-and-changesAs you prepare yourself and your online marketing efforts for the New Year, you must focus on the changes that need to take place. After all, it will be hard to discover any kind of success without some positive changes taking place. This includes the way that you portray yourself, which also includes the all-important self-talk. You can’t expect any kind of success for yourself and your online business if all you do is think negative thoughts. Oh, I shouldn’t say that it’s all negative, especially since you’re here reading this post. That’s a good sign.

Ask yourself, how many times have things not worked for you or gone the way that you wanted this past year? How many products did you buy this year that would hopefully make things easier for you? How many products did you buy with hopes of solving the puzzle so you could become rich overnight? Or maybe a software program that promised to turn your computer into an ATM? Or purchased a course in hopes of learning everything overnight?

turn-your-computer-into-an-atmOr, maybe you’re one of the lucky individuals that went through the year not purchasing anything, or worse, everything that you did purchase you immediately refunded. Yet, you still have hopes of catching a ride on that gravy train.

Just experiencing one of those situations can often lead to negativity or more to the point, negative self-talk. It’s the ‘well, I screwed up again’ – ‘I was scammed’ – ‘nothing seems to work’ – ‘I followed the course and still can’t figure it out’ – ‘I still can’t make any money online.’ I’m sure there’s still a thousand and one other things that people say to themselves over and over again.

Guess what? A lot of this contributes to negative self-talk and signals a time for change.

time-for-changeYour thoughts are often where things need to change. In fact, how you think or the thoughts that you have provides you with freedom to plot the course in your life and your online business. If you continuously put up walls and think that everything is a scam or everyone is out to cheat you, guess what, you’re probably right.

If you want things to be different, if you want this New Year to be better for yourself and your online business, get hold of your emotions. Why? What you think plays an important role in governing your emotional state, but more importantly, your emotions pretty much govern the actions you take. You need to start thinking more of what can happen or what will happen for you. If you continually put all your time, effort and focus on things that are not working for you, guess what? You’ll soon discover that’s all online marketing will be for you.

Focus, it’s basically the most critical element with online marketing that can fix how you do business online. On top of that, it also plays an important role in determining whether you reach your dreams and goals. Depending on what you have set for yourself as an online marketer, there’s a good chance that you’ll face some difficulties and challenges along the way. Unfortunately, a few of these challenges might be tougher than you thought, and the easiest way to handle these setbacks is simply to give up. This happens each and every day, especially within internet marketing.

do-not-lose-sight-of-your-goalsFocus is a critical element that will help in putting together the resources you need and channeling them towards your goals.

Without the proper focus you need, one thing is sure to happen, DISTRACTION!

If you become distracted during the day or even while on course, guess what happens next, you simply lose sight of the things you’re trying to do. You don’t always get lost, so to speak, but you will lose sight of doing things. This causes you to look at different things, different programs that promise an easier way, or even different paths that promise overnight success. At the very least, your lack of focus causes you to start other projects without finishing the tasks already started. If this continues, your efforts will eventually get tangled in a never-ending cycle, a cycle that ultimately leads to failure.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m rambling about here. It’s great to have enthusiasm and wanting to start a new project, heck, most people often find it difficult just to start something. Unfortunately, starting a project will not be enough to meet your online marketing goals. You need to finish what you start. If you can muster the strength and remain focused, you’ll manage to achieve more than most online marketers.

In all honesty, most people simply get confused with all the various options that become available. Every day, marketers are bombarding people with endless emails of every kind of offer you could possibly think of. Many online marketers fall victim to the FOMO emails and eagerly join the bandwagon in fear of being left out. They simply lose focus and switch midstream in hopes of making things easier or even luck of striking it rich.

It’s a New Year, a new decade, take advantage of it and change the way think, which includes your focus.

If you need something more, gather strength from other sources such as family and friends. If that’s not the best option for you, find some other positive sources – if you don’t, the change and focus that you’ll need may almost be somewhat of an impossible task further down the road.

Keep this in mind, you’re not alone when it comes to change. Countless individuals, athletes, business leaders, it doesn’t who they are or what they do, changes and what they focus on are made every day. And, if you find it difficult to make changes, get with people who can support and help you.

Do not expect positive changes in your life if you surround yourself with negative people. Anonymous

Now, before you start to complain and say that change is not easy, save yourself the energy, I’m already aware of that. I myself, had to deal with a number of changes in the way I was thinking and the way that I was focusing, especially when it came to online marketing. I never say that change will be easy, because it’s not, and while we’re on the subject, the progress in some changes may often seem slow. For that reason, don’t expect things to be brighter overnight. Be patient and let things work naturally. Of course, that doesn’t mean waiting for everything to be perfect before taking action, because it’s not going to happen. Things just aren’t going to automatically fall into place. You have to work at it. According to Foroux (2017), without work it will be hard to achieve your goals, and the key is knowing what it is that you want and knowing how to get it. You have to plan and set goals. You have to focus on what’s important. But something more important, you need to take action and make things happen.

Just remember, the journey with online marketing may not always be smooth sailing, so be prepared, make the necessary changes now, get creative, focus on doing the tasks that you need to do, and don’t get yourself all worked up because you experience a few bumps and bruises along the way. After all, it’s what life and business is all about.


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