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Learning how to remove text from image is nothing new, especially for online marketers. There’s always a need for photos and graphics when creating content such as blog posts, articles, tutorials, eBooks, presentations, and even videos. Of course, there’s always that one image you would like to use but the text within it is not what you really want to convey. Hence, the need to remove text from image.

For years, online marketers were limited in their graphics and photo choices and had to rely on popular programs like Photoshop. However, the cost and learning curve of the software often kept many people from creating projects.

Of course, there are still opportunities for online marketers, me included, to find royalty-free images that are generally acceptable for most articles and posts. Yet, occasionally, there’s that one image that looks relevant enough for your content. Unfortunately, it contains text that you would like to change.

Quite simply, what you really want is an easy, low-cost, or better yet, no-cost way to remove text from an image. Well, consider this.

How would you like a simplified way to remove text from image online?

Imagine, taking a royalty-free image such as this …


And removing the text and icons in just a few steps.


Now you can create a graphic that is relevant to your content.

Here’s another example.

Before …

Image after removing text …

And here’s the image after adding some new text …

Let’s Face it, what I’ve shown you above is probably an easy fix for a lot of people. All you need to do is visit a site such as Photopea or Pixlr and use the eraser tool. But then again, some online marketers might still be frustrated when having to use some of the medium and advanced graphics programs online.

So, for this tutorial, let’s move it up a notch and try to remove text from an image that has a slightly more difficult background.

As an example …


In some circumstances, if you do not have the original file or psd. file for the image, trying to remove text from an image without removing background can often be a challenge.

Check this out …

What do you know, I removed the text, and the background is still intact. Not bad, considering it took just a few seconds.

Now all I need to do is add some new text …


Pretty neat, huh!

Anyway, let’s get down to business!

The site I am referring to is called Clipdrop and you can visit it at


Image credit: Clickdrop

The text remover service from Clipdrop is free to use and very user-friendly.


Image credit: Clickdrop

All you need to do is drag and drop your image into the container on the page.

Notice: Before you begin, I want to point out that while the service is free to use, there are some basic limitations. Don’t worry though, it’s still a great resource and something you may need during your online marketing adventure.

The two basic limitations that you should make note of are the original image size of your image and daily quota. Under the free-plan, your image size is limited to 1024 x 1024, and daily quota is 10. Unless you have dozens of images per day that require text removal, this tool should be fine.

Step 2 popup

I decided to use the image above for this demonstration. As you can see, some people might find it a little challenging trying to remove text considering the background type and various colors involved.


Image credit: Clickdrop

After dropping your image in the container, a popup will appear. This will happen if your original image does not meet the maximum required measurement (1024 x 1024) when using the free service. To remove the size restrictions, you will have to upgrade to a paid account.

Image credit: Clickdrop

If the maximum image size of 1024 x 1024 is something you can work with in your projects, simply click on the “Downscale & Continue” button.

Step 3 imperfections


Image credit: Clickdrop

Within seconds after clicking on the downscale button, your image will be returned. Due to various backgrounds that might exist in your image, the results might display a few imperfections within the image. Take note of these imperfections as I’ve highlighted them in the image.

Step 4 Cleanup imperfections


Image credit: Clickdrop

Click on the “ellipsis” tab as shown in the image above and choose the “Cleanup imperfections” option.

Step 5 Brush size


Image credit: Clickdrop

Another popup will appear that allows you to choose a brush size. Simply adjust the brush size as needed to help remove any of the imperfections within your image.

Step 6 Touch up


Image credit: Clickdrop

After choosing your brush size, simply hover over any of the imperfections that you would like the software to touch up. Then click on the “Clean” button.

Step 7 Download the finished image

Image credit: Clickdrop

If you notice or miss any other imperfections from the text removal process, simply hover over the spots or areas as needed and click the clean button again. Otherwise, click the tab as shown above to download the finished image.

Step 8 Clean image


Now you have a clean image that allows you to start from scratch by adding your own text and content that are relevant to your projects.

Step 9 Add new text to image

Ta-da! Same image, different text, and it only took a couple minutes to do.

Learning how to remove text from image is something that many people often search for. This method is also a good resource and tool for online marketers, especially one that is easy, fast, and above all, free to use.

So, add this to your list of resources!

Have fun using it,

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