How to embed video from Google Drive into WordPress


How to embed video files from Google Drive into WordPress is almost the same as embedding a YouTube video. Even though Google owns and operates both YouTube and Google Drive, the method for getting the embed code from Google Drive can be slightly different.

1) So, the first thing you need to do is login to your Google Drive account and locate the video file that you want to embed onto your site. [1] Click on the file once and then [2] click the shareable link icon.


2) From the selected list, choose the “Sharing settings link” as seen from the example below.


3) This will produce a Share with others box. Choose the “Anyone with the link can view


4) A drop-down menu will appear. Click on the tab “More…


5) A Link Sharing box will appear where you should select the “On – Public on the web” and click save.


6) Select your video file again and double click to open. Go to the upper right corner where the three-dots are shown (more actions) and click for a drop-down menu.


7) Click on the “Open in new window” option.


8) A new (tab) page will open again. Look in the upper right corner and click the drop-down menu (three-dots) again. This time, scroll down to “Embed item…” and click on it.


9) Your new embed code should appear in a dialogue box.


10)Copy the code and paste it into a notepad.


11) In WordPress, open a post or page where you want to put the video player.


12) Copy the embed code from your notepad file and [1] paste it into your post and then [2] click on Preview to view the page.


13) You should now be able to see the video player live on your site.


14) You can adjust the dimensions of the player, width and height to fit properly within your content. Just make sure you do not change any other parts of the embed code or the video player may not work. In the example below, I’ve adjusted the height from 480 down to 380.


15) And this is the video and player from Google Drive posted on a WordPress page as demonstrated below.


There you go, now you can play video files on your WordPress sites that are stored on Google Drive without the need for any additional plugins.

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