How to think different with impossible goals

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think-different-with-impossible-goalsMany people have or have had impossible goals. A lot of these are the dreams and goals that often sound far-fetched or impossible. These are the dreams and goals that other people simply bust a gut at and tell us that they can’t be done. And frequently, many of these goals are so insane that we hesitate in mentioning them to anyone else for fear of being laughed at. Gosh, some of those goals might seem so ridiculous that we have problems admitting them to ourselves.

Have you felt this way? Have you experienced this before?

For instance, if you dreamed that someday you’d be someone famous such as a pop-star or actor, there’s a good possibility that down the road you figured it wasn’t going to happen and you simply stopped pursuing it. You altogether gave up, raised your hands, and walked away.

By the same token, if you always wanted to travel the world and visit new places, then you probably said that it’s not in the cards and you don’t even give it a try.

Scan the people near you and other individuals that you frequently communicate with, do they seem happy and content with their current life situation or even with their jobs? Do they seem confused, distant, or maybe even stressed over what they’ve created for themselves?

How does a person go from dreaming of becoming something special, to being caged in a tiny workspace, sitting all day starring at a screen in the hopes of solving other people’s problems?

There could easily be a number of factors that goes into this. However, it generally begins by definition. Basically, you’re not defining what it is that you want or you’re not clearly defining each of your goals. Until you reach a point where you know exactly what it is that you want, how are you ever going to get it?

Many of our impossible goals or dreams are just that, ‘dreams,’ because most of us really don’t know what we truly want…

Every day, people comment that they hate their job and want something better, they want a new house, a new car, a better lifestyle, a healthier lifestyle, or they simply want more money to give them more freedom. Heck, who doesn’t want all those things? The challenge is this, it takes more than deciding that you want something new or even something better for your life, you have to know and understand what you are willing to do to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

Many of those impossible goals are labeled impossible due to our thinking, our attitude, and how we let others dictate them to us. You must have the right attitude in order to reach any of your goals, impossible or not. Shift your thinking and work towards your goals by looking at them from different angles and take a different approach to make them possible. Do possibilities exist in your life to make your goals and dreams a reality? The answer is yes, there’s plenty of possibilities and opportunities! But you must be willing to be creative and look at your dreams and goals differently and learn to think outside the box. It’s your opportunity, it’s your chance to make changes, and only you can make things happen!

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