Everyday, people are making the decision and jumping online to join various affiliate programs in the pure hopes of making money. In fact, many people seem to think because affiliate marketing is online that it makes a perfect short-term solution to employment.

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Notice: This post was updated on October 7, 2021

The bad news is, many of these individuals have been filled with over excessive hype and do not possess the knowledge and understanding of what affiliate marketing is and how it actually works.

Here’s some basic tips and some of the mistakes that are made when choosing certain affiliate programs. Hopefully these tips will help you make better decisions and eventually save yourself time and money.

Don’t look for competition, but more in the area of support

Some affiliate programs will often waste time competing against many of their competitors, which generally ends up a waste of time and effort and usually causes a large portion of affiliates packing-up and quitting. Although, if your affiliate program has many affiliates, this could be an advantage for getting additional resources, information, and even money.

However, a big mistake could be choosing some sort of affiliate program that basically believes competing with or even against their affiliates is a winning combination. Not! The right affiliate program will lend support, and believes in growing the number of affiliates to help build a solid network.

A whole bunch of effort and very little to show for it

When choosing the right affiliate program, choose a program that will reward you for your efforts. Making the mistake of following programs that offer little in return, will only make your affiliate journey harder and disappointing in the end. Choose affiliate programs that will reward you for the time and effort you deserve.

Make sure the affiliate program is up to date

Look for affiliate programs that are current, or at the very minimum keep their information, resources, and other data up-to-date.

Make sure the affiliate program has a good support path

Waiting and waiting for a response. Nothing will be worse for an affiliate who needs a response to an important question via email. Look for affiliate programs that provide support through a help desk or offer some kind of email response system. If the affiliate program does not clearly identify at least one way of communicating with them, turn your attention to another program.

Look for affiliate programs that concentrate on creativity

Many affiliate programs often end up being lazy when supporting affiliates. But, for a moment, imagine thousands of affiliates promoting the same creatives on even more websites and blogs. If an affiliate program wants their affiliates to be successful, they will provide many different options and promotional materials.

If you can remember these mistakes when looking for the right affiliate program, you just might save yourself a lot of wasted time and effort.

Here’s some additional information you might consider when looking for the right affiliate program

Becoming a part of an affiliate program can be a fantastic way to make some money online. As an affiliate, you will not have to waste time and money trying to come up with your own product. You also avoid the hassle of having to deal with orders, returns, or even worry about customer service. In order to help you get started, we’ve put together some additional tips for the promotion of affiliate programs.

  • Look at the content on your website or blog. Try to match the content by choosing affiliate programs that are relevant. If your content is niche oriented, choose programs that basically offer similar products for that particular audience.
  • Search for affiliate programs that generally have a higher payout ratio. For example, some programs will pay higher commission rates around 75% or more. But a good average could be around 50%.
  • Look for affiliate programs that offer bonus commissions. What this basically offers is a way to earn additional revenue from people that are introduced to the program.
  • Discover any affiliate programs that might have additional products or services. This allows affiliates to earn revenue when referrals return and purchase additional items.

Advantage: Search for affiliate programs that provide additional resources and materials for their affiliates. These simply include sales letters, courses, eBooks, articles, blog posts and other materials. Affiliates can use the material and eventually come up with their own marketing ideas for promotions.

Find your profitable affiliate programs


Affiliate programs are a great way to increase your website’s profit. Affiliate programs enable affiliates to increase their online income and allow program owners to promote their products. It is easy to find the right affiliate program for your website and topics.

You will first need to search for affiliate programs. These are some example of popular online programs.

Website Builder affiliate programs

Many affiliate programs that help website builders succeed are very popular with businesses and other organizations looking to improve their online presence.

1. Shopify
2. Weebly
3. Site123
4. Wix
5. Big Commerce

Affiliate Networks

A single network can house hundreds, if not thousands, of affiliate programs and vendors. Marketers can join multiple programs through affiliate networks. Affiliates can view individual program offers within a network, including the commission structure, cookie settings, as well as any other information related to the offer.

1. Impact
2. Shareasale
3. CJ
4. Amazon
5. Clickbank

Recurring Affiliate Programs

Recurring payments are often the best option for affiliate marketers. Affiliates can receive recurring payments through recurring affiliate programs as long as their customer is active.

1. Active Campaign
2. Thinkific
3. Leadpages
4. GetResponse
5. Teachable

This list is not meant to be an exhaustive listing of all affiliate programs. You can continue to search for thousands of programs and promote them.

You can boost your online income by finding profitable affiliate programs.

Try to remember, a decent affiliate program will put forth effort and do everything possible by working with their affiliates to make more money.

The key is to find the right affiliate program for your website.

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