How to Stop Procrastinating with Your Online Business

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procrastinating-onlineIf you want to stop procrastinating with your online business, you need to start doing things now. How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t know how I stopped procrastinating”, or “I don’t know how I started procrastinating”? It does not matter what their reasons are for why they said that. Because many times it ends up being true. There are some things in life that just are not worth doing unless you put in the time and effort. It is no different with procrastination. If you are reading this post then you must be ready to start something now, because only you can stop procrastinating!

You see, one of the best ways to stop procrastinating is to get started on the important tasks that need to be done. The only way to get started is to get the initiative. No one ever says, “I need to get busy and start now”, because we all know that when it comes to getting something done, we like to wait until it is somehow “done” and then move on. We would much rather do the things we wanted to do right now and get done with them, then to sit around and wait for something else to get done. Yes, it is true; many of the most successful people I know got started right away!


So let me ask you; if you truly desire to stop procrastinating and start now, what task should you start with? The simple answer is whatever is the highest priority that you want to accomplish. Now I know what you are thinking, how does someone accomplish something that has no real goal? The answer, once again, is simple, you start by taking one step at a time. And one of the easiest things to accomplish is waking up in the morning with a goal in your head that is far out of the box than anything you may have been working towards before.

It is best to take an online business as an example. If you have been procrastinating before because you were waiting for something to happen before you got started, you are going to have a hard time starting an online business. The reason is, even though you may have wanted to get started online there are a ton of distractions when it comes to making money online. For example, your phone rings but you must go take a call or answer an email. You may have a good idea for an online business but because of all these distractions, you never get started!

But let us say you do decide to get started right away. The first thing you are going to need is a realistic goal and some inspiration. The best way to find this is through an online course or maybe a relevant tutorial. These can help give you a realistic goal and motivate you and help you begin to act immediately.

Once you have found your goal, the next step is to write out everything that needs to get done in a certain period. Write each item on a piece of paper, and label it. It is especially important that you do not start on any important tasks until you have labeled each one of them. Now it is time to act. Focus on completing the most important tasks first, and then tackle the less important tasks down your list. If you can do this, you will find you are much more productive than you were before and you will stop procrastinating and get started on that new online business right away!

in a year you will wish you started

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