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Notice: This post was updated on September 23, 2021

How to get website traffic or website hits must be one of the most asked questions, not only with people who run an online business, but anyone that has a website or blog.

Internet marketers seem to pose this question more since they need website visitors, or they’ll simply find it harder to promote and sell anything. One of the problems that stems from this is that most people will end up doing it incorrectly or they will read about it in some eBook and still do it wrong or receive the wrong information altogether.

Many tutorials will suggest the idea of paid traffic, which many internet marketers end up doing. This might seem like the logical thing to do and at the beginning it could produce some relatively huge results for you, but as most people soon realize, the outcome isn’t always as expected.

When a marketer suggests that you purchase traffic, either in the form of ads, social media, or even search engine traffic, this will not always be an answer to your prayers.

Sure, there are some people who will produce some very positive results from buying traffic, but for the most part, the average internet marketer will not gain the amount of worthwhile traffic that is needed to pull a monthly profit for their sites.

There are plenty of marketers that will pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each month for website visitors and still end up making only a few dollars on their investment. In this case the return is not exactly what I would call a windfall.

Ask yourself this question, “will getting hundreds of visitors to your website make you a success?

Looking from the outside might make this seem like a success, but on the surface, it is totally the opposite. Why? Website visitors are one thing and conversions are another!

Quality vs. quantity

Now, as an internet marketer you should have a goal to reach some kind of financial stretch with your online business. I mean, that’s the reason you are in business.

So, when it comes down to how to get website traffic, it shouldn’t be based on spending all your hard-earned money on increasing the traffic stats of your website. Besides, having thousands of hits to your sites doesn’t necessarily mean quality for you.

One rule of thumb to remember about seeking paid traffic. You will definitely see a rise in the amount of traffic that your site receives, that’s expected from this paid method. However, if those numbers only translate into stats for your site and not sales which you actually want out of it, then those big traffic numbers will do you no good at all. It’s quality targeted visitors that you want to receive, not quantity.

Develop your squeeze pages

Here’s a very effective internet marketing tip that you should already be doing:

When promoting your site, instead of sending traffic directly to your site, send them to your squeeze pages! It sounds simple enough to do, but you would be surprised at the number of internet marketers who ignore this strategy.

Capitalize on your present resources and start delivering more content and squeeze pages to help build your list.

Create your own products

Concentrate on creating your own product, even if it’s just a small report to begin with, from there you can create even more products for yourself.

This strategy is something that the guru’s used to help jump start their own career’s and as their businesses grew, so did their products and their lists.

Another method is to simply start adding additional niche sites that you can use to either complement your primary site or you can simply use them to promote additional products.

If you devote the time and effort that is needed to develop your online business, you will find that you can get website traffic just by focusing on the tasks that are important.

How can I get traffic to my website for free?


As an internet marketer, you should already be familiar with the constant struggle in producing new and informative content that will help increase website traffic. If you are seeking viable options in how to get website traffic, you should consider organic methods (free methods) as well as some paid traffic strategies that will help improve your reach.

Before you do anything, look at the following tips that can help increase website traffic and improve your overall results.

Include keyword research

Every piece of content you produce should include relevant keywords tied specifically towards your niche. Keep in mind, the posts, or pages that you create should always be written for your audience and not for search. Keywords should only seem natural when creating your content. Besides adding a few keywords within the body of your content, primary keywords should also be included in the description of your content, as well as the title.

When doing your keyword research, many tools are available that can speed up the process and help you in determining what’s right for you. Although, you should understand that every keyword tool can be different in their performance. That is, every tool performs a variety of functions and utilizes certain strategies to produce individual metrics. For instance,

  • Moz Keyword Explorer is considered an all-inclusive keyword research tool
  • Jaaxy is designed more towards affiliate marketers
  • Semrush is a power keyword research tool for intermediate and advanced users
  • Keyword Surfer is a simple but effective browser extension for keyword research

All in all, using tools such as these can help you gather valuable information consisting of things like the volume of people searching specific keywords, the cost per keyword for paid advertising, related keywords, and competitor keywords. All this information can help you formulate the perfect method for using the correct keywords within your content.

Create content that is beneficial for your audience

For many internet marketers, how to get website traffic generally seems like a mystery. And if you think just posting ordinary content on your site or blog is enough to drive the traffic you need, think again!

Sites that get huge amounts of traffic usually provide engaging content that provides information their readers want and need. It’s not enough to just provide your website traffic with content. You need to provide your audience with information that provides answers to their questions.

Utilize strategies for on-page SEO optimization

Many people forget that optimizing a website or blog includes the pages that are within it. If using WordPress for your website or blog, take the time to improve not only your home page, but every page and post on your site. Don’t worry, there are a couple of plugins that can assist you with the optimization process. The All-in-One and Yoast SEO plugins are a good place to start, and they’re free to use.

Both plugins provide you with up-to-date SEO ratings on how your content will perform and rank with the search engines. They also provide useful suggestions that can help to improve much of your on-page SEO. These include the title or headline of your page, meta description, tags, suggested keywords, plus a whole lot more.

Finally, how to get website traffic basically boils down to one thing, taking action! Your efforts can help increase website traffic that you’ll notice over a given time frame. While some strategies can produce faster results for you, others will work gradually over time. However, no matter what you do, the key is to continually move in the right direction.

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