Allowing personal time while working from home


While working from home does provide a number of benefits, the important thing to remember is that you still need to allow for personal time. Yes, working at home is not always centered around 8 to 5 schedules or just the ordinary 7- or 8-hour shifts. Heck, I’ve experienced many 12- or 14-hour days. Obviously, most of this depends a lot on the industry you’re working in and what type of work you’re actually performing. But no matter what you do while working from home, you need time for yourself, period!

Ah, it’s a warm April morning as the temperature is slowly rising to seventy degrees in our area today. Still following the guidelines for stay-at-home and only venturing outside to do yard work or go for a 30-minute stroll around the neighborhood. You might ask, do I ever feel caged in or have feelings of being cooped up at home? The answer, not at all. In fact, I feel right at home working, wait-a-minute, I am at home.

The point is, even though my online business allows for me to work at home, I still require breaks or the occasional game time. I’m not into spending countless hours watching TV, but I do enjoy a few releases on Vudu. Other than that, I enjoy spending my free time gaming. No, I’m not into gaining a reputation or becoming a spotlight like so many others are doing. I enjoy gaming as it helps me to think, it helps me to spark new ideas, but more than anything, it helps me to unwind and relax.

Find something that you enjoy doing, something that you would love doing. Yes, circumstances and situations are different now and changing each and every day. But, that’s why it’s more important to find that release or even the opportunity to escape.

Keep your thoughts and energy pushing forward and continue to be safe.

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