Fast Track Guide for Setting Up New Web Hosting and Domain

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Setting Up Web Hosting with a New Domain Name

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First: Go Here Now to Set Up Your New Web Hosting and Domain

Second: You will need a domain name for your web hosting account which is free with this web hosting service.

Third: Search for the availability of your new domain name. Use the free domain name search tool located further down the page.

You can choose from all the top-level domains such as .com, .org, .info, .net

Try and keep it unique and target something that relates to you.

Of course, if you are puzzled when thinking of a new domain name, simply click on the “Choose Free Domain Later” tab.


If your preferred domain search is unavailable, you might consider using a top level domain (TLD) .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, or any other extension that works for you.


Fourth: If you decide to go with any of the add on features or extras, do this now. If not, continue to the pay plan, enter your details, and submit to complete the transaction.

Now, continue reading down this page for complete details on how to set up a hosting account and new domain.

What is Domain Name

A domain name is primarily used in the process of identifying one or several IP addresses. For instance, the domain name could represent one or more IP addresses. Domain names are basically human-friendly names that are used in a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) which help to identify certain websites or web pages located on the internet. As an example, the URL of would simply be the domain name for

The distinction between a website and domain name

A domain is generally a unique name that represents a website. On the other hand, a URL would be used to help locate a website. And a website or blog is the actual place that visitors will land on and where they can connect or engage after landing on the site. Of course, when you purchase a domain for yourself, you have basically secured what the name of your site will be. However, the domain name will still require some type of web hosting service where you can finally build your website.

How to find a website

Every time you visit a website, visit a link on a social networking site, or execute a search on the Internet, you are using DNS. The Internet knows how to locate a site through numeric IP addresses called ‘domain names’. The IP address represents an individual computer, and the domain name is the name of the website. To locate a site by IP address, type in the domain name into an Internet browser and press the Enter key.

Keep in mind, the Internet is loaded with billions of different domain names. It is recommended that you try to register your own name before you purchase any hosting. Researching and purchasing a domain name before you have any type of web host is an excellent way to have a unique name for your home site.

Do you need a website?


Are you starting to contemplate the idea as to whether you need a website? Well, my answer is both yes and no. You should have a website for affiliate marketing or even online marketing in general. Of course, all of this will depend on your level of commitment and what you want to achieve online.

Many people start their affiliate marketing efforts with absolutely no sense of direction. People love to be able to be part of something big and exciting. Sadly though, many new affiliate marketers often take the approach of doing everything or getting everything for free. Do not get me wrong, there are many strategies and techniques within affiliate marketing that can be achieved using no-cost tools. But the truth is, having a website through a reliable web hosting service is not one of those no-cost tools. If you are new to online marketing and expect to make money online without some type of focus center or hub, then be prepared for lousy results.

It is simple enough to say that you should have a good website, but it is equally important to have a good online presence. You want to be able to demonstrate your credibility to your audience, subscribers, and potential customers and to demonstrate to them that you have something to offer on the topic that you are speaking about. The last thing you want to do is to scare people away with your affiliate marketing campaigns or to show them that you are not very credible when it comes to the subject that you are speaking about. Therefore having credibility is so important. You want people to trust you and believe in what you are saying. When you do this, you will be able to get the kind of response that your affiliate marketing business needs to grow.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is an essential part of setting up your own personal website or a business website and getting your web pages, images, PDFs, media, and other content live over the World Wide Web. The internet has become such a vast entity that it is not always easy to keep track of what is happening all around the world; and web hosting is the first step in making sure you have the correct information at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

Thousands of websites are being built all over the world every day, from places with little or no internet access to well-established businesses that have invested in website development to compete online with their rivals. For these people, website hosting is an essential part of their marketing campaign. While competition is intense, Bluehost is still leading in all the important aspects, delivering the full package of security, speed, versatility, and, of course, excellent customer service for only $3.95 monthly. And with many people using mobile phones to access the internet, it has never been easier to stay connected with your own internet real estate.

There are thousands of people building websites as a full-time career and turning them into successful internet marketing businesses, which helps to create a primary source income or that of a secondary income. But some people have built websites without any guidance and now they are paying hundreds of dollars a month for their websites to be hosted on a server of a hosting company that they have never even heard of. And these people are not alone–there are thousands of people doing this right now, and they are paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year for their websites.

Bluehost web hosting


Bluehost is one of the best options for someone who needs the most cost-effective and reliable hosting services available. The web hosting service was created and launched by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth who were unsatisfied with their current web hosting situation and decided to give people an opportunity to have the same quality of service, at an extremely affordable price, but without having to spend a lot of money. When you choose a reliable hosting provider, such as Bluehost, maintaining and providing all the necessary hardware and software allows you the freedom to upload your own websites and other material. It is the perfect solution for those who need web space with a reliable hosting company.

Bluehost plans

Bluehost has four different plans to choose from, which come with various levels of bandwidth and storage capacity. Their most basic plan is the Shared, which allows you to create and build a website or blog. They also offer their Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro hosting plans, which include more features and unlimited bandwidth and disk space, respectively. They do not have any blackout periods or other hidden fees, so you can use a site for as long as you like, and you never have to worry about upgrading or paying any additional costs for their services.

As a website owner, you get to enjoy several advantages including the freedom to manage your own websites, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, no up-time fees, and you do not need to pay any extra money or sign-up for any extra services. When it comes to choosing the best hosting provider, you will want to look for reliable hosting plans that offer unlimited disk space, Free SSL certificates, unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain name to get started, all for an exceptionally low price.

Time To Get Down to Business…

Choosing your free domain name

That is right! You get a free domain name when you sign up with a Bluehost hosting account.


Now for some people, that may not sound like something exciting. But for others, it could be the beginning of something great. It all boils down to the domain name you choose and what you plan to do online.

Choosing a domain name is one of the first steps you will take when getting your new website online. The name will be your company’s permanent web address. Therefore, it is important to choose wisely and with great care. The name is not only the visual cue you give your site to your subscribers and potential customers, but it also gives your site an overall impression about your online business. When choosing a domain name, keep it short and sweet, so you can easily remember it.

For now, let us just concentrate on choosing a domain name for your new web hosting account. Take a few minutes and jot down some ideas on a notepad. Try to remember, the domain name that you choose could end up being a part of your brand. It could also serve as a direct representation of you, what you do, and your business.

Try not to make it complicated

Your domain name should be simple and easy enough for people to remember. Do not try to include an entire sentence into your name. If you come up with a domain name that is too complex and hard for people to remember, they may simply end up moving on to a different site. Choosing something that is easier to read can often make the difference when trying to catch the attention of the visitors you need. Always remember when choosing a domain name, keep it simple!

Use the free domain name search tool below. This will assist you in finding the availability of your domain name. Once the domain name that you chose is “available” proceed to sign up for your hosting account so you can receive the free domain.

Create Your Account with Bluehost

After you finish the step for your domain name approval, it is time to move forward with the actual web hosting application.

Account information


You will notice the “Account Information” section in the image above. Proceed to fill-out the form fields such as your name, business name (if it applies), country, address, city and state, zip code, phone number, and your email address. Make sure the email address that you use is valid as Bluehost will send you information regarding your account.

Package information


Next, the image above displays the “Package Information” section where you can choose the options that best fit your needs and budget.


The best way to save money on your web hosting is to extend the length of service such as choosing a 24-month plan or 36-month plan. The longer the plan the more you save. However, if you are working on a slim budget, then the 12-month plan might be the better option for you at this time.

Domain Privacy Protection

Note, you may want to consider an addon for domain privacy protection. The domain privacy protection basically hides your personal information that is in the Whois data records. It keeps your personal information hidden and out of sight from the public.


At this stage, I would not be overly concerned with all the additional addons that are offered. Yes, there are a few that can be a little helpful in your journey, but most of them are optional and not required. Besides that, you can always return later and purchase them directly through your Bluehost account.

Final thoughts

Once you have completed all the necessary package information, it is time to enter your payment details. This section includes basic information regarding credit/debit card details. Just enter your card details and click the “Submit” button to finish the transaction. Once everything is confirmed, you will be notified through your email address with a receipt and other information regarding your account.


If you completed the steps on this page and received your confirmation and receipt, congratulations on moving forward with your journey  online!

Always remember, in order to make things happen… you need to take action!

To your success online,



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