One of the best blog marketing strategies is to find a niche

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best-blog-marketing-strategiesLet’s face it, one of the best blog marketing strategies you can use is simply to find a niche. That’s it… That’s more than half the battle won. Well, it takes a little more than that. But for many people who want to start a blog, just finding the right niche which is simply a topic or subject can be the most difficult part for them. Your niche is basically the area that your blog will focus on and it’s what your content or blog posts will deliver. I know it sounds simple and easy to do, but you would be surprised how many people mess this up and wonder why things don’t work for them.

Choose a niche wisely

Once again, sounds easy enough. But, try to keep in mind, when choosing a niche to write about, you’re also choosing the level of success you’ll have, in a way. That’s what many people don’t fully understand. Whether your blog is purely for pleasure or an avenue to make money from, it’s something that requires focus on a regular basis. It requires writing on a subject or niche and if your interest is not in that area, you might find it difficult when writing valuable and informative content.

What’s in demand

find-niche-with-good-market-sizeHere’s where choosing a niche starts to get a little harder. You may have an idea for a niche, but have you considered the competition. Yes, you want to be in a niche that has opportunities and potential for growth, but if the competition from other bloggers or major players is too high, you run the risk of being pushed out of place. The question is, do you have the resources and the determination to compete? Or, could you find a niche with a good market size but with less competition.

Choosing a wide-range of topics or something more specific

Some bloggers have experience in writing about a variety of subjects. If you are new to blogging or do not possess a certain writing skill, it might easier to focus your attention on something more specific. As an example, if you choose dogs as your niche, maybe it would be easier for you to write about topics that you’re familiar with and concentrates on a certain breed such as a Pug or Golden Retriever. Here’s something to think about when choosing your niche, you can always expand your topics once you have a foundation, improve your skills, and a solid brand for your blog.

Will your niche be profitable?

will-your-niche-be-profitableIf your goal is to make money from your blog, then finding a niche that will be profitable will be important. Let’s say you choose to provide information on raising and taking care of Goldfish, do you think that’s a profitable niche? Probably not. However, what about topics within the weight loss niche, do you think that’s a more profitable market? Of course, it is, but it’s also highly competitive. The point is, you want to be in a market that will make it worth your time and effort. The key is to discover a market that demonstrates some kind of need or want for information and products. Doing that will provide opportunities for you to monetize your blog.