5 typical internet marketing mistakes that hold back your sites from being successful

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internet-marketing-mistakes-that-need-to-be-avoidedHave you ever wondered why so many other people seem to have success from their websites, blogs or promotions, all the while, you seem to be continually struggling? Does it often feel like you are the only person left out or not invited to the party and it forces you to take a long hard look at yourself and ask: ‘what am I doing wrong’?

Not taking a look at your website or blog, I can only guess as to what might be preventing it from happening for you. But as many bloggers will make the same mistakes time and again, I can suggest several common issues that might be affecting you. These are the common blogging errors that lots of new bloggers make and which probably hold back the vast majority of blogs out there from reaching their full potential. Continue on and see if any of these problems might exist on your own site – you might easily be surprised and discover the answer you’re looking for.

Bad link promotions

If you promote useless links in an effort to squeeze every last penny out of your visitors, they will more than likely remember and they will be much less likely to trust you next time you have a recommendation. Keep thinking quality with the links and promotions on your sites!

Promoting low-value ads and links

Having too many links in your content can actually damage your overall profits, because it means more people will buy the cheap products and never get to the more expensive ones.

Who are you targeting

It’s a certain type of person who spends money online, it’s a certain type of person who makes impulsive purchases, and it’s a certain type of person who believes the recommendations they read on a blog. And what you need to realize is that it’s specifically that kind of person you should be addressing. Speak to them in a certain way and market your blog to that audience.

Working less and expecting more

Too many people focus on blogging being an easy and ‘passive’ way to make money, and they think that all they have to do is create a blog and then wait for the money to start rolling in. Sadly though, this isn’t the case – if you want to achieve a reasonable living you need to treat it like your full-time job. That means you should be posting useful content often, finding quality images and making your articles look great, doing work on SEO and marketing and generally not gazing over any of those little things that you know you need to work on.

Forgetting to build a relationship

It also means posting lots on social media and looking for unique places to promote yourself. Got a fitness website? Then bodybuilding.com is a place worth building a reputation.