Which free icon maker is best for your online business?


A free icon maker can be an important resource and tool for many online marketers today. An icon is not only reserved for use with website design or app development. Icons can be used almost anywhere.

In fact, I utilize icons in a variety of ways such as adding them to blog post images, website images, banners, PDFs, documents, PPT demonstrations, and more. Using a free icon maker in many circumstances can help you to create professional looking graphics and images and at the same time limit expenses.

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What is an icon?

An icon is basically a smaller version of a graphic or image that represents some type of program or file. After clicking on an icon, the individual application or file that is linked to the icon can be opened. Icons are an element of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of most operating systems such as those associated with Microsoft Windows and Apple. They assist users by immediately determining which files to choose based on the application that is related to the icon.

Locating a free icon maker is not hard to find


The internet is full of free software like a free icon maker that allows you to create icons of any type. SimplyIcon is one such program. This software is designed for Windows and supports a variety of different sized icons, including 16×16 and 24×24. It also supports different file formats, including JPG and BMP, as well as ICO and SVG. It also lets you choose the shape of the icon. The program is easy to use, but the interface is a little outdated.

The free icon maker version of the software allows you to create a rounded square or ellipse shape. The app allows you to enter RGB values to create the perfect color combination for your icon. You can also export your icon in different formats, including PNG, ICO, and SVG. Depending on your needs, trying a free icon maker first before spending money on a premium one could easily save you time and money.


Another free icon maker is SoftOrbits Icon Maker Software. This program has an easy-to-use user interface and numerous tools for creating high-quality images. It also has the ability to edit, export, and extract your icon files. It’s a great choice for users who need to create transparent icons. If you’re not sure which program to download, check out the reviews of both. You’ll be amazed at the quality of both software programs.


Besides offering a range of ready-to-use icons, IconsFlow is another icon maker online free that has a simple-to-use editor that lets you customize them and add your own. With this free icon maker, you can also make and edit animated cursors and other graphics. This program is fast and easy to use, and it has a free plan to help get you started! It’s not only a good choice for creating custom-designed web designs, but it also has a great reputation as a universal icon maker.

The free icon maker is easy to use and supports 24-bit icons. It also offers an extensive library of free icons. Its interface is simple and intuitive. The tool is designed for designers and allows users to edit them. Unlike some other software, it allows users to edit the size and position of their icons. This is a great feature for users who need to create custom-designed icons for their clients.

Autodraw AI Technology

Autodraw provides advantages of using a free icon maker

The Autodraw AI creator is a free icon maker which allows icon creation to be a very straightforward task. Regardless of your experience level with Photoshop or any other design program, you can create a great icon set with just a few clicks. You can change colors, sizes, and add shapes to your liking, and export the icons to PNG file formats.

With this program, the Autodraw free icon maker lets you design and create icons from your drawing style. The features of Autodraw will allow you to customize your icons without any type of learning curve. You can pick colors, objects, choose a text, and draw anything you require. The free icon maker will download your finished icon in PNG formats and are easy to use.

Autodraw icon maker

Image Source: Autodraw

Visit Autodraw here to get started. No sign up or activation is required. The Autodraw free icon maker is basically an online editor that utilizes minimal AI technology to help you create your own web icons.

The interface

Image Source: Autodraw

The navigation and interface for Autodraw is simple and easy to use. Navigation and settings will be on the left side of your screen. Located on the direct left-side is the select options. From the top, autodraw, manual, text, fill, shapes, color picker, zoom, and undo.

Expandable menu

Image Source: Autodraw

At the very top left is an expandable menu that allows you to start over with your project, download your finished icon, share it online, how-to guide, and shortcut tabs.


Image Source: Autodraw

From the left side menu, I chose the autodraw function. To start, choose a color for your icon, then place your cursor over the canvas, left click and hold on your mouse. The idea is to draw something that relates to the icon you want. In the above example, I have tried to draw an envelope to represent an email icon. Please don’t laugh too hard at my crude representation of an envelope.

Please note: When you start drawing your icon, images will appear at the very top of the page. The images will change as you continue to draw as the app is trying to discover what your drawing is about. Try scrolling through the available images and when you find something that is relatively close to the icon you want, click on the image. Your drawing will be replaced with the image you choose.

Choosing an image for your icon

Image Source: Autodraw

Notice the above example of an envelope that I chose. I resized the canvas by grabbing the right-hand corner and moving the canvas around until it was centered. Then, click on the image line to resize the envelope.

Download your icon

Image Source: Autodraw

Once you edit the icon to fit your needs, click the expandable menu in the top left corner to find the download button. Click on it to download your icon.

Free icon maker download

The above image is the finished icon that I downloaded in PNG format. Keep in mind, the downloaded PNG is not transparent, which means you will have a background.

To create my icon, download it, remove the background, and resize it took just under 10 minutes. Not bad, huh!

Various sizes of the icon

The image on the right is fully transparent with measurements of 300×225


This image is transparent with measurements of 50×50


Here’s a smaller version that which is also transparent at 32×32


So, which free icon maker is best for you?

In all honesty, everything depends on what you actually need. If you only require a handful of icons for a project, the Autodraw free icon maker should do the trick. Heck, even if you require a lot of icons, the Autodraw app should be able to handle it for you.


There are many apps online for a free icon maker that can create a variety of different icon types. The best ones offer professional-looking icons that can be used for web pages, apps, or mobile devices. Some of these programs are easy to use and can help you make the perfect icon for your project. Some of these programs come with pre-made templates, so you can begin to create an icon in no time. So, if you’re planning to create icons, you can easily start with a free icon maker app to get the professional look you need.

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