Thank You to All Veterans


honor-our-veteransVeterans Day, every year, is observed in the USA on the 11th November as a National Holiday. It commemorates the veterans who have fought and served in the United States military. In many ways, Veterans Day is an appropriate time to offer thanks to those who have fought for their country.

This year, however, the holiday and celebration does feel a little over shadowed by many of the things taking place within this country and around the world. It is only a week after the biggest election process this country has ever gone through and a world-wide pandemic that has halted or reduced many of the public celebrations.

Still, there are many reasons why we should continue to remember Veterans Day. Originally set aside as Military Appreciation Day, Armed Services Day, plus more, the main purpose of this day is to give tribute to those who have sacrificed for their country. This commemoration can be used to remind us all of what these brave men and women have missed or are currently missing while serving for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

If you feel that you could not possibly live a life without your freedom, then it is time to celebrate Veterans Day. You can show how much you value your freedoms by giving thanks to those who have sacrificed and fought for them.

Veterans Day also marks the day that we remember those who have fought and died in war or any other conflict, and the simplest way to make a positive note of them is by displaying the flag.

Take a little time and show your gratitude to those who have given their time to serve their country.

And finally, make this day about honoring and remembering those who served to win our freedoms.

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