Simple blog marketing tips for you

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simple-blog-marketing-tipsOver the years, blogs or blogging has grown into a method that allows individuals and businesses alike in helping to spread their message. This message, whether personal or business is simply a form of blog marketing. It’s a way to express feelings and a tool to get ideas across to others who share the same interests. It’s also a proven way for an online business to drive traffic and promote products. Blog marketing can work for anyone who is committed in reaching a specific audience, and here’s some helpful tips that you should focus on while writing for your blog.


If you follow the people who are experts in this area, it’s always mentioned that you should keep the reader in mind when writing. When people are searching for information on a specific topic, they expect it to be presented in such a way that is easy to read and obviously, easy to understand.

Provide useful information

With so much information available online today, people don’t want to waste time reading something that offers little value. It doesn’t always have to be creative, but if you can’t think of anything to write about, try chatting with others to come up with topics. Read books, magazines, or even other articles to help drum up some interesting ideas. As long as you set your goal to provide useful information, your blog marketing efforts will eventually find a spot with readers.

Go over your finished material

Some people always want to be the first to post content on their blog, especially online marketers who are constantly promoting products. However, a big mistake that is often made is forgetting to proofread material. Take a moment, proofread your content, fix any spelling errors, and give your audience easy to read material.

Keep things simple

keep-things-simpleSome blogging experts often suggest keeping posts to a minimum, while others often say that longer posts work better. I think it’s better to find out what your audience wants. Keep things simple and put the information that’s needed, but get to the point as soon as you can because people often scan material for what they want.

Show a little enthusiasm

This simply means that your blog content shouldn’t be written out like a dictionary. Whoops, I’m guilty of that sometimes and that’s especially true when I first started online. You basically have to develop your own writing style, one that works for you and your audience.

Add long-tail and direct keywords

Blog marketing can be looked at from different angles. Some blogs are written entirely for the search engines and others are more thoughtful and entertaining and cater to an audience. Either way, keywords and keyword phrases can be used to help gather organic traffic. However, don’t make the mistake of stuffing your blog content with keywords as your results may not be what you expect.

Be clear in what you are trying to say

keep-the-reader-in-mind-when-writingThis should be self-explanatory. Unless you’re writing subjects on a higher level such as medical or technical, your content should be written so the average person can easily understand. I get a kick out of online marketers who try and add a bunch of mumbo jumbo into their posts that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Why do that? All you’re really doing is confusing your readers. As I mentioned before, keep it simple.

Practice writing headlines

I have to admit, this is an art, and some people have got a knack for writing those attention-grabbing headlines. This is something that definitely takes practice, and the best way to do it is to keep writing.