How to Come Up with Fresh Ideas for Your Blog When You’re Mind is Blank


If you’re a digital marketer, you probably do everything yourself, content producer, marketing, social media, web development, graphic designer, etc., all at the same time. You are also the primary blogger when it comes to the development of new material, so congratulations!

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Because of this, even experienced content creators may occasionally have periods of writer’s block. Everyone experiences it at some point, me included. Of course, you may be surprised to learn that you can reignite the creative process and get those thoughts flowing again by utilizing tested tactics for brainstorming.


Setting a timer for a certain period of time, approximately ten minutes, and then beginning to write is the first stage in the process of freewriting. It makes no difference what you choose to write about. Simply start writing anything which comes to mind on the paper. The objective is to go and stop your thoughts from straying while you’re doing it. When the time is up, you should go back and read what you’ve written. When you allow yourself to write without inhibiting thoughts or stopping to analyze what you’ve written, you might be a little astonished at the ideas that surface.

Combine your ideas with a friend

It is often useful to brainstorm ideas with another person, whether that person is a coworker, a friend, or a family member. When you collaborate with another person to generate ideas, you can see things in a new light and come up with more original concepts.

Maintain a list of potential ideas

Maintaining a running list of potential topics to write about is a good strategy for warding off writer’s block. When you first sit down to write, you will already have an idea of where to begin. For instance, this may be a list of subjects that you want to write about, individuals that you want to interview, or ideas for a series of blog posts that you want to publish.

Make time for yourself

Take a break if you find that you have been looking at the computer screen for a significant amount of time without making any progress toward your goal. Take a break from your work and do something completely different for a short period of time. Take a stroll, read a book, or watch a movie to pass the time. The most effective strategy to make progress is often to step away from the problem for a while and then come back to it with new perspectives.

Consider a variety of formats

If you normally write blog articles, you might want to experiment with something new, such as producing a video or podcast or writing content for product. Changing up the routine might sometimes be all that’s needed to get the creative juices flowing again.

Make use of prompts

You can try using prompts if you’re having a lot of trouble coming up with ideas on your own. You may either choose one of the many writing prompts that are available online or come up with your own. As soon as you have a topic in mind, grab a timer and give yourself 10 minutes to write. This will assist in getting the creative juices flowing.

Many of the techniques used for brainstorming are an absolute necessity for any individual involved with digital marketing who wants to generate new and interesting material. You may overcome writer’s block and discover what strategies work best for you if you experiment with a variety of approaches.

This will allow you to produce high-quality material much more quickly. It is essential to maintain forward momentum and avoid becoming less motivated throughout the process. Many of the ideas you are looking for are already there. You simply need to include ways that will help them to flow.

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