Bluehost Review

Is This the Best Web Hosting for Your Site?

bluehost-review-best-web-hostingActive and profitable blogging requires effective hosting, and there are many hosting sites, each with its individual pros and cons. If you have researched web hosting providers for say blogging, personal, or business website, or even for WordPress, you must have come across Bluehost at least once. Bluehost is an outstanding hosting service and one of the largest today, on top of that, they have built their service around the WordPress ecosystem. Does that mean their hosting is only limited to the use of the WordPress platform? Of course not! Their services and capabilities go far beyond WordPress hosting. In fact, find out more by reading my Bluehost review and decide for yourself if it is the hosting service for you.

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About Bluehost Hosting Plans

bluehost-hosting-plansBluehost hosting plans are appealing due to their reliability, reputation, and affordability. Moreover, it has incentives like unlimited emails, free domains, and marketing credits, making it stand above its competitors in the web host community. The company has improved its user experience, making it appealing for first-time customers; their dashboard has an easy to navigate back office, and the customer care is willing to guide newbies around the website. Moreover, you can join the web host service on a virtual, shared, or dedicated server, and it is one of the hosting providers endorsed by the WordPress Core Team. You can install their platform with one click or ask the company’s management team to take care of it for you. Furthermore, you will enjoy other industry-leading open-source technologies like OpenStack KVM, which offers more flexibility and reliability.

Details on Services for Web Hosting

The hosting company Continually works on improving its services, leading to cutting-edge open source technology. It offers a custom domain manager that transfers domain purchases, tracking, and other administration duties. Moreover, you will receive unlimited email accounts with shared hosting plans along with IMAP and POP3 support and protection. Bluehost will create backups of your account daily, and you will get back to your account in its original condition in case of hacking and any other website disasters. You can quickly achieve positive scaling, grow your traffic and increase revenue within a short time using Bluehost services. Bluehost is equipped with web-hosting capabilities that perpetuate growth. The site is built on cPanel and offers space for customization of the interface with additional tools that simplify website management tasks such as setting up emails and assessing files.


Bluehost allows you to host popular software programs, such as WordPress, Drupal, and Magento, among other host touts. It uses new hardware like solid-state drives, which offer a bandwidth that accommodates your hosting needs. Moreover, it understands the importance of quick searches, and your website will not have lags when you incorporate Bluehost hosting plans.

Finally, it is easy to use the web host as it has a modern and sleek company website with a clean design that extends its platforms to other interfaces which customers can use behind the scenes. Setting up your domain on the website is simple, and if you face any issues, exceptional customer support will be there to hold your hand through the process.

Information on Packages

free-ssl-certificate-bluehostThe basic packages are best suitable for people who want to host one website, and the company has 50GB website space with unmetered bandwidth and a free SSL certificate with one domain and 100MB storage space. People who wish to host multiple websites should opt for the plus plan, which offers unlimited website hosting, unmetered website space and domain with a free SSL certificate, free email storage, and $200 marketing offers. On the other hand, businesses can opt for the choice plus plan, which host unlimited and unmetered space, standard performance, and a free SSL certificate. Moreover, this plan comes with$200 marketing offers, spam protection, domain privacy, and CodeGuard.


best-price-web-hosting-bluehostBluehost has different prices, which caters to varying levels of services and performance. Some of the edge-cutting services might be expensive, but you will enjoy high quality services, reliability, and support even with the higher prices. For instance, the ‘basic plan’ would cost $3.95 monthly, the ‘plus plan’ cost $4.95 monthly, while the ‘choice plus plan’ costs $5.45 monthly.

TOP Features

For the Beginner

For those of you who are just starting out and really need only one website or blog for your use, Bluehost will host one website and a 50-GB website space with unmetered bandwidth. The performance for beginners who pay the basic plan is standard; however, they get a free SSL certificate, including one domain, five parked domains, and twenty-five subdomains. With the basic plan subscribers you also get five email accounts but without marketing offers.

Experienced Users

Experienced users on the choice plus plans have unlimited website hosting, unmetered website space, and unmetered bandwidth. They get standard performance with a free SSL certificate with one domain with total parked domains, sub-domains, and unlimited email accounts. Moreover, they get unlimited email storage and $200 credits for advertising and one spam-expert. Furthermore, you can receive one domain privacy and CodeGuard basic.

Bluehost hosting Plans and Services

Bluehost offers a variety of different hosting services such as shared, shared WordPress, WooCommerce, VPS, Managed WordPress, and Dedicated. Each of these hosting services has its differences, features, and prices, and you can research one that fits your blogging needs.

Pros of Bluehost

  • Bluehost is reliable, and it is one of the leading web hosting services in the industry today
  • You will get a 99% uptime guarantee when you use their services for the time
  • Its prices offer a balance of bargain between costs and reliability.
  • The support system on the web host service is reliable and available on email, phone, and chat 24/7
  • You will get easy scaling when you host your blog using Bluehost as it is equipped with web host designs and features that perpetuate growth.
  • Its prices are competitive, and the tiered pricing offers different options for people from various economic classes.
  • The web host services has a seamless WordPress integration, and it is easier to set up a WordPress site through Bluehost.



  • You might incur additional costs at the checkout, and it is wise to uncheck the additional items before buying.
  • The service offers small storage on its basic plan compared to other web host competitors.
  • The host service transfers one website freely from WordPress to its website and will charge for additional transfers.

My Final Take On Getting Bluehost

Bluehost is among the many hosting websites that work with WordPress and is notable among the other competitors as it has helped shape WordPress. Bluehost has different types of hosting for all shapes and sizes of sites, and prices thus will cater to the needs of different customers. You can seamlessly incorporate it into WordPress and enjoy easy blog management with a dedicated support service that helps you through the process.

Do I recommend Bluehost as your web hosting provider? Yes!

Finding the best web hosting service for your sites can sometimes be a challenge. In fact, there are literally hundreds to choose from, which often makes the decision process even harder. Just remember, price should not be the only indicator when trying to build the foundation for your online business. Always consider things such as reliability, security, and customer value or support.

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